Monday , April 6 2020
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New Opel Corsa: ready soon


The sixth generation Corsa will be announced before the summer. Like other manufacturers, as the bully, Opel publishes images of prototypes made during the cold weather & # 39; I test in Swedish Lapland, about 40 kilometers south of the Arctic Circle, as well as the Dudenhofen Test Center in Germany. It is obvious that vehicles are well camouflaged.

Some believe that the silhouette reminds them of another machine. And they are right, because the Corsa, though it has nothing to do with this, closely derived from the new Peugeot 208. The German takes a French structure, hence the similarity disguise.

New Opel Corsa: ready soon

But as soon as it is removed, there will be no confusion! Although both cars share some elements are visible, especially on the windows, they will have a lot of different looks. For proof, just look at the 3008 and Grandland X, which are designed on the same principle. Corsa will be different from his cousin's wise eyes.

Long white nights helped to assess the effectiveness of new type lamps LED Matrix, the first segment (the light beam is continuously adapt). Opel said that the car is lighter, with a 10% weight loss in comparison with the present. This benefits the consumer, but also processing. Opel says "The client will have at its disposal Corsa most cheerful and most efficient ever created."

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