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Nintendo has removed a dark room playing a game store eShop switch because it has dveloppeur RVL it contained a secret code editor


Available from mid-April to the switch online store, the Nintendo recalled the "dark room" in-game store after he was recently RVL their designer, that it contained a secret code interpreter for the Ruby programming language. After several tests and discovered that the game can damage the platform, the Nintendo Nia had no choice but to leave pending further dialogue with the designers and see how the game will be eligible again on the platform.

Indeed, during the last week, Amir Rajan, the dveloppeur darkroom adventure game RVL lintermdiaire of mastodons (Mastodon it as free software microblogging and networking dcentralis social, created in 2016, for the publication of calls messages party blowers) that he is integrable, without the knowledge of the game and lditeur Nintendo, some features of his game and dditer dinterprter written code to the Ruby programming language.

Dear Ruby developers, I have Soshel & # 39; yatselae on & # 39 announcement to share with you. Last week I published a switch Dark Room Nintendo. In the game, I sent the translator and editor of Ruby code Duf as Easter. It's Easter Egg effectively turns every Nintendo spcifi consumer switch message at Amir Rajan Ruby developers on Mastodon last week. He went on to say that, to take advantage of functionality, it was enough to get his game, and then connect the USB-keyboard console, press the ~ key, and then follow the instructions safficheront lcran.

Nevertheless, it seems that this feature is hidden in the game by Rajan did not use his publisher, Circle Entertainment and even less that Nintendo was immediately revoked the game around eShop store switch after announcing Rajan. After you uninstall the game using the Nintendo for their platform, Amir Rajan wrote a note to the community of players of the game for sexcuser, to provoke him. In his report he also pointed out that his editor and his work with the Nintendo, and see how the game is back on the platform as soon as dlais, even if, at this point, no one knows when the game will one day return.

I deeply regret the way in which it is a & # 39; a passage. These last three days so the worst in my life. And I do not know what to say, except that I'm sorry, all I wanted to do to the children (and adults who have forgotten the joy that is a fact of coding) to find that I have found have 25 years, he He left as a base for fans of the game.

For its part, the range of entertainment, lditeur Game darkened room Rajan Amir as we keep in touch with the Nintendo, to clarify the next steps and to consider later; These unfortunate circumstances, and we apologize. We have always worked closely monitor the process and conditions for Nintendo throughout our publishing history DSiWare, 3DS eShop, Wii U eShop and Nintendo eShop Switch, and we dsols there was a problem with this name.

The raction gesture poses Nintendo, some developers estimate that the company has done well to remove the game, because it contained linterprteur prsentait security flaws. As someone who is very involved in this work (I dveloppeur chief open source project unique code embedded software on the switch), the ruby ​​interpreter, which is included in the game dveloppeur have security flaws. This is a & # 39 is the legal act (and correctly) from Nintendo, as snow from them.

Sources: Nintendo Life Mastodon

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