Monday , April 12 2021

police operations in Namur: about 100 people, and qual … (Namur)

police operations in Namur: nearly 100 people and 3 controlled trials arrests

The drugs were specifically mentioned in these controls, which mobilized about seventy policemen.

EdA – Florent Moreau

Tuesday shortly after noon, passers-by in the vicinity of the station were surprised by the massive police deployment in dozens of Godfrey-Street. All police services Namur were on the ground, with the support of the Federal Police and Customs: 98 people have been tested.

Within a few weeks, the citizens complain about police Namur "a bunch of people with inappropriate behavior."

It is the use of drugs and alcohol in the street trafficking, but also insults … All this creates a sense of growing instability.

Some areas of the city were directed to this operation is still ongoing. But most supported controls have been carried out in the vicinity of the station, instead of the station and the Godfrey-Street. Other areas, especially in the lower part of the city, were also sent. This is the case, docks Sambre, near the House of Culture.

Overall, there are about seventy officers who were mobilized by this operation.

Federal police also came in support, including with the participation of dogs that detect the presence of various drugs.

In detail, the results must be communicated in the course of the evening, but the floor of Namur have already confirmed three judicial arrests, all related to drug trafficking.

Wide device finally allowed to monitor 98 people.? Authorities spent thirteen administrative arrest and judicial arrest seven.

Incivility & # 39; e were also covered during this intervention.?27 municipal administrative sanctions have been developed.

"This is a very noticeable step, but other, more discreet, will continue to be held regularly," does not allow police namuroise.?Le message was sent in the second half of the day in several districts Namur.?De very sharply.

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