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Renowned director John Singleton died


American director John Singleton, whose film «Boyz N the Hood" (1991) with a & # 39 is one of the symbols of a new wave of African-American cinema, died Monday, said the US media, citing a statement from his family & # 39; and .

His relatives have requested the arrest of medical care, in accordance with the medical staff, the director of 51 years who are in a coma, in a desperate state. He suffered from heart failure on 17 April.

"Rest in peace, John Singleton, so sad to hear the news"Twitter American director Jordan Peele. "John was a brave artist and a real inspiration. His vision has changed. "

John Singleton was the first black director nominated for an Oscar for directing in 1992 for «Boyz n the Hood," a grim picture of the gang programs in Los Angeles, violence, many underlying the black areas of the city police and the blind repression.

"The youngest director ever appointed" Oscar for directing, reminded the Academy of Arts and Sciences, responsible for awarding these prestigious awards, "And the inspiration for all of us. John Singleton, you will be sorely missed. "

In addition, participating in the search for the best script, the Singleton returned empty-handed from the ceremony and was not named later.

"We will miss you", Also wrote on Instagram, directed by Spike Lee, another key figure in this new wave of African-American turn of the 1990s, who praised his "passion" and "heart."

Since their first meeting, when Singleton was a film student at the University of California at USC, the two men remained close, said Spike Lee, "we encourage each other in the industry, where we were not expected to succeed."

Filmmakers John Carpenter and Ron Howard praised her talent, the latter emphasizing that "His creation, and the voice of his narrator will be missed."

"He paved the way for many young filmmakers, always remaining true to what it was and where it came from"Noted actor Samuel L. Jackson.

new voice

«Boyz N the Hood", filmed in just 22 years, was a culture shock and an important step in the history of African-American cinema with his cast including Angela Bassett, Laurence Fishburne, Cuba Gooding Jr., and rapper Ice Cube, who was in the first part.

The film will also be marked by its soundtrack, which helped to further popularize a little rap, with Ice Cube, 2 Live Crew and Too $ Hort.

"Nobody has made a film about what we lived in LA"Explains John Singleton, himself a native of the city of angels to describe what prompted him to run the project.

Some films have tried to portray this universe, including «Colours» (1988), Dennis Hopper, but with the very appearance.

John Singleton attributed the favorable response received at an early stage in the «Boyz N Hood" on the way to Cannes, in the selection «Un Certain Regard», where he received a standing ovation after the show.

In the end, he realized "2 Fast 2 Furious" (2003), his biggest commercial success, and the remake of "Shaft" (2000).

Like "Boyz n bad", it will be held a few social dramas with, in the background, the status of blacks in the United States, basically, "poetic justice" (1993), "Higher Education" (1995) and "Four Brothers" ( 2005).

In all these films, it will be given to black actors in the lead roles and guest on the series of frames the camera, Ice Cube Snoop Dogg, 2Pac through Q-Tip, Tone Loc, Andre 3000 and Busta Rhymes.

Actress Regina King, a recent Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor and was an adventure «Boyz N the Hood", paid tribute to "one of the greatest" in his profession.

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