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Rutten: "This is a well-deserved victory in Genk, but they offer two gifts"



Make sure that the player and coach after the victory over Anderlecht in Genk on Saturday night (3-0).

Kara: "
Genk was above us, and they showed it. We were not tonight. I think we gave a goal. We have to accept and move forward. We have to analyze our mistakes and continue to work. Managers should rebooster all, and we have to accept our situation. We lost the first game, but nothing is lost. We still have nine finals to play."

Dewaest: "It is important to start tonight, I think it's evening. Goals, a lot of chances and no goals conceded, we are not able to play well in the block and go to the downside, we could kill them .. that way there. Everyone said that without Pozuelo, Genk will not be anywhere else. We were told that on the field. Berg returned, and we did good as well. we have a group with a lot of qualities. one has to prove that he deserves a place in the eleven. it is a positive competition. We are not the favorites, but there is clearly an opponent. Bruges played the title, and not to us. We can surprise, but we have to stay on the ground. we do not see the other, and we have 9 matches. "

Bolasie: "Genk is in the lead, and this is no accident. We have a good team, but Genk were higher today. We made too many mistakes on our side. Genk was very strong, and I think it was a good experience to play against this kind of training. "

merciful "The mentality of all was a perfect evening. We had a lot of solidarity. With the departure of Pozuelo, we have experienced tough times in a short time. But the team responded perfectly collectively. We changed the organization, because until Pozuelo had two players behind him. Now we play with two number ten. we do not pay attention to others, and we will continue to work. "

Rutten: "This well-deserved victory Genki. I think it is indisputable. But we gave two goals in Genk. In the second half, I tried to change something, but we were not realistic. I'm disappointed because we did not find recent weeks Anderlecht ".

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