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Sensing the tension between Charles Michel and Jean-Marc Knoll debate at the party presidents


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The tension was palpable on Monday evening between Charles Michel (MR) and Jean-Marc Knoll (Ecolo), in the course of discussions between the presidents of the parties organized by the Namur Walloon Union of Companies (UWE).

I do not agree on revenues that claim to Wallonia stands up and solves the problem in front of the two men, especially faced on deployment 5G while the advisory committee – which is about the & # 39; combines federal and sub & # 39; objects Kingdom federation – not able to come to an agreement on this issue, the sub & # 39; federations objects rejecting 80/20 distribution key, which is used in the latest licensing procedures. Oddly questioned on the subject, co-chair of Ecolo blocking Charles Michel acknowledged "disagreements" within the advisory committee in ensuring "be completely in favor of 5G." "We have not two words. In the MR, we have no hidden agenda and that we say that we do not change according to our interlocutors, "said the president of the Liberals, snuff pass Ecolo.

After a timely debate, Jean-Marc Knoll regrets he "did not have time to respond to the cartoons", supported by MR.

During the evening, the Liberals actually confirmed his opposition to "punitive energy transition", that "the bill will be paid by the middle class, that works." "I do not support an outright ban of flying or having a company car. The purchasing power is critical to seven & # 39; families, "and said firmly premiership & # 39; career.

Otherwise, the party presidents or their representatives – Charles Michel, Jean-Marc Knoll but Maxim Prevost for CDH, Jean-Claude Marcourt for PS Germain Mugemangango for FCF and Pascal Dujardin Challenge – presented his program on topics ranging from education to climate problems through the digital revolution, the restructuring of the economy of Wallonia or the right to strike.

Unanimously supporters revaluation of technical courses to address the shortage of qualified personnel, they also expressed their ambitions in the region. "There is a Walloon and a successful history of success that come to discuss. We should not expect that the Flemish are at least to better, "said Maxim Prevost.

"We have to fight with the fate and straighten Wallonia thanks to the impulse capacity of government agencies and businesses," said Charles Michel.

On the issue of the right to strike, hit with viewers, it also led to some verbal jousting, Jean-Claude Marcourt calls for more social dialogue while President MR charged FGTB. "The right to strike with the & # 39 is important for me, but this does not negate the right to move and work. For four years, FGTB spent his time trying to resist the work of the majority, "is estimated to Premier & # 39;. Er Minister" The real issue is that the legal responsibility of trade unions One day or another, we have to legislate, "he added. he said.

In the CDH Maxime Prevot Sun said something else: "the right to strike with the & # 39 is a constitutional right, but it has two limitations: that the right to move and that the responsibility for his actions," he concluded.

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