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soon materialize implant patients thought private speech


In the new study, presented in the journal Nature, scientists are going to implement a decoder to convert thoughts into words blunt objects.

This innovation is not yet complete, it can help people with strokes or other paralysis. According to a study published on Wednesday, April 24, 2019, researchers are working hard to realize the transformer decoder brain signals into words. The decoder can reproduce the synthetic speech by a computer from the brain signals, which cause corresponding movements in the mouth, it indicates Futura Science, Currently, innovation is in its infancy. Its implementation can improve communication has become a silent casualty patients with their surroundings.

"The goal is to create a technology to restore communication for patients who can not speak, either due to neurological problems, such as stroke or diseases such as certain types of cancer ."This was reported by AFP Edward Chang, a neurosurgeon at the University of California, one of the study's authors.

Apparatus for improving

In the test phase, the researchers implanted electrodes on the surface of the brain of the five patients treated with epilepsy. But the test does not give a positive result, because the sub & # 39; the object must first articulate word before the computer understands. Therefore, the technology can not be used for people who are not able to move his lips. However, experience has allowed researchers from the University of California, to determine the areas of the brain responsible for speech.

Edward Chang hopes that this system will be in the long-term hope for stroke victims.

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