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Sophisticated Smartphone: Mobile World Congress, the technology race


Last week was held in the 2019 edition of Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. This edition will be remembered as the one who introduced the world of future technology: sophisticated phones.

Over the years, the two main groups of Apple, and Samsung are competing for the first place in terms of quality and innovation in the field of telephony. With the proclamation and presentation of its new Galaxy Fold in the MWC, Samsung has established itself as a strong competitor.

Samsung Galaxy Fold: cutting edge technology has a price

At its conference to launch a new line of Galaxy S10, the Korean giant long talk about another product: Be Galaxy. Indeed, clamshell & # 39 is the latest technological innovation, which seems mesmerizing loves sector, but also interesting. He likes it or not, Samsung Galaxy Fold fabric knew panic and talk to him a few million messages in just a few days.

Complex, this phone seems to look pretty ordinary with a large screen and rounded edges, but it contains a lot of surprises. After opening, the phone provides an internal screen is 7.3 inches (18.5 cm), on which you can run multiple applications simultaneously. It is touched, the screen is almost invisible demarcation. Free in the US from 26 April for the modest sum of 1,980 dollars (one thousand seven hundred fifty-one euros), Pfalz Galaxy with & # 39 is the first step on the way to the era of clamshells. DJ Koch, head of the mobile phone on Samsung said the phone was "revolution"And what is there to answer the brand"Skeptics who say that everything possible has been done and that the era of innovation in the smartphone completed".

Foldable smartphone that remains a mystery to users

Only a few days after, as Samsung, with & # 39 is the Chinese giant Huawei, which introduced a flip phone, then Mate X. Although both companies held two demonstrations, which did a lot of talking, the user experience remains the point of the request. Indeed, the two phones were difficult under the glass along the MWC and the press, as well as the experts present, therefore, not able to test this new innovation by themselves. Or & # 39 is that, in order to avoid criticism for the global release of the product or is it that the project will not be completed within a few weeks after its release? What is certain is that we will have an answer very quickly.

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