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The best picture of smartphones to choose from in 2019


Smartphones – a picture is worth a thousand words, but how much the euro? In the race between giants Apple technology, and Samsung recently hooked Google and Huawei, a smartphone with a camera & # 39 is stronger than the selling point ever.

One, two, three, four and five sensors now with, Nokia Pureview 9 night mode and inviolable "Party" smart camera is available from all sides and in all resolutions.

And if heavyweights like iPhone XS Max, in Huawei P30 Pro Pixel 3 or Google tenacious cliché, the price of these "camera phone" has something squints. To sum up this blurring, HuffPost Comparative offers to zoom in on the image of the best smartphones in 2019.

writing selection

  • 5x optical zoom without loss of quality out of competition
  • Night mode (or more to taste) Google Pixel 3
  • Fashion "Portrait", which would be a shame iPhone XS Max
  • Sharp and well contrasted shooting in almost all circumstances,

is halfhuffregion

  • Scale is too capricious exceeded x5, absurd "too much" in the x50
  • Promise to see in the dark is not (entirely) held

How did you choose these products?

First we took the party to focus our smartphone tests only for the camera. The choice is not so arbitrary in the sector, where the demand is becoming more uniform, standing out entirely arrows are double, triple and quadruple objective effects "side" and the other night modes.

According to a report from Kantar Worldpanel, published in 2017, the quality of the camera as a second criterion for buying a smartphone in France, after the screen size (and price, of course). This choice also allows us to offer the test without losing too accessible for technical reasons.

Identified in this comparison smartphones that literacy test and others, for which the team «Good Choice», controlled curation and comparative tests conducted by other specialized sites. A comparison will be regularly updated with the upcoming release of the models, but also from smartphones more "old" retired during the initial selection.

For each test, a smartphone was compared to at least two other models, characteristics and / or price / quality ratio makes them appropriate standards meters. rendered pictures of the day were compared, at night, in portrait mode, self, shooting indoors / outdoors.

All tests were performed with an automatic image setup to simulate normal use, or secular, not playing in the grass Robert Capa falsification focus or aperture.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, anti-iPhone

"Anti-iPhone» dared trading journal face The title of his trial on Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. In the end, this competition case against the picture of this smartphone device, since it is far from the Apple model, to find his paw.

But it is clear that the latter is the Korean giant and his triple back sensor is much more versatile than its Apple competitor, in terms of shooting. Alternating between the three types of angles, the standard in the ultra wide-angle is performed in fractions of a second with a single finger.

Colors are less pronounced than usual, as well as other Samsung smartphones, but the imaging product still makes more artificial than the iPhone. In front of the camera, shooting, however, it is very clear and offers a portrait of a pretty cool features.

If the mode "scene optimizer" that recognizes almost thirty different scenes sublimate suddenly AI works pretty well, its night mode "Great Night" included not able to convince.

But the Samsung Galaxy S10 still remains one of the best images of smartphones currently on the market, ahead of the iPhone some points (especially the field of view and the level of detail of the anterior chamber). As for the name «iPhone killer", then perhaps it is that has brought him a bonus of 1009 euros (128GB) on his head.

See our full test photo here.

Good choice:

  • shooting versatility of triple sensor allowed
  • Ultra wide angle, which puts you in full eye
  • A successful portrait and customizable

is halfhuffFloor area:

  • Night mode "Big Night" flimsy and can not be manually activated
  • Treatment sometimes too aggressive pictures

Google pixel 3, night mode Champion

Due to the unique photo-sensor 12MP, Google, seemed Pixel 3 against the tide in the race to double, triple, quadruple and even quintuple (more) goals now offered high-end smartphones.

But thanks to its IA-powerful camera phone that Google has managed to shake brilliantly opponents and their many image sensors with software processing more efficient.

Digital zoom & # 39 is effective, even if it still reached its limits soon face the smart phone is equipped with teleab & # 39; lens allows optical zoom. "Portrait" mode as well as the iPhone XS Max, but all the same quality with a wider field of view.

But especially the night mode or «Night Shift» category, which it was an absolute champion to Huawei P30 Pro arrival, who & # 39 is the power of Pixel 3 Google.

See our full test photo here.

Good choice:

  • Best night mode (P30 Pro Huawei)
  • The best performance of IA compensates photosensor
  • Accurate self group with a wide angle of the anterior chamber

is halfhuffFloor area:

  • Zoom, which quickly reached its limits exceeded x2
  • Portrait less successful than the iPhone XS Max

iPhone XS Max, the most realistic

iPhone on steroids as X, the iPhone XS Max embarks on it as a very powerful processing software like Pixel 3 Google. With its new intelligent algorithms "motor neuron", Apple's last, one of the best smartphones currently on the market picture.

XS iPhone Max offers images whose exposure is well controlled, which makes it easy to read all of the elements of contrast shooting is always well balanced.

In general, XS iPhone Max smartphone which photorealistic rendering with & # 39 is the most "realistic" one application (software), whose image & # 39 is the least aggressive in contrast to the fact that offers Samsung. No risk of having too saturated colors, balance of hot or cool white, your photo overwrites what you see is almost the same.

But this commitment to the Max iPhone XS realism made him miss in terms of clarity and detail. The images may seem a little boring, but mostly flat. Nevertheless, it remains one of the wrestlers fashion "Portrait" Apple "invented" and control is better than most of its competitors.

This article was originally published by The HuffPost France.

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