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the gene responsible for cognitive decline into adulthood


You can detect Alzheimer's disease in young people, even before a & # 39 will be the main symptoms such as memory loss?

So says a new study by researchers at UC Riverside, whose work has just been published in the journal Neyrobiyalogiya aging, According to them, people with the APOE gene variation, called APOE4, will be evaluated lower than the IQ-tests in childhood and adolescence.

Genetic changes as a risk factor

Alzheimer's disease, which affects about 900,000 people in France, with the & # 39 is the age neyrodegeneratyvnay disease that affects brain function, especially memory, attention and language.

Several studies have already identified variations in the APOE gene as an important genetic risk factor for Alzheimer's disease. Indeed, the dysfunction of this gene causes the accumulation of amyloid plaques in brain tissue.

One of these genetic variations, APOE4, which is present in about 15% of the population is of particular interest to researchers. So far, scientists have found that APOE4 carriers may be three times more likely to develop Alzheimer's disease at an advanced stage, which occurs in people 65 years and older. But this new research suggests that APOE4 begins with & # 39; to appear before adulthood.

Low IQ of 0.33 to 3 points on average

To achieve such a conclusion the researchers collected studies that cover three or four decades, and collected data from the one thousand three hundred twenty-one participants between the ages of six and a half to 18 years. They all passed the evaluation of IQ between childhood and adolescents.

In general, IQ scores were 1.91 points lower for each APOE4 change that people can wear. Compared with tests IQ boys by an average of 0.33 points lower, and girls – almost 3 points lower shift APOE4. The researchers found that the most affected features are associated with reasoning.

For the authors of the study, this difference in IQ between children seems minimal, which represent a variation of the gene APOE4 and other. But ultimately, these results may mean fewer kognityvnyh reserves as APOE4 age users, which means that the intellectual flaw will increase.

Studies have shown that the link between low IQ in children, increase of biological aging – including damage to cells and tissues – and a greater risk of developing cardiovascular disease up to 65 years.

"Our data suggest that the cognitive differences associated with the APOE, are a & # 39 will appear early and to grow later in life," – said Dr. Chandra Reynolds, lead author of the work, which nevertheless encouraging. In the case of childhood – a key period for the intervention of investing in cognitive reserves and their increase. "

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