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The team behind the OS / e / flash your phone for you


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Illustration Credit: e Funds

Foundation / e / about to take another step in the direction of the user, who may soon send its smartphone body member so that it is rendered flashed and ready for use. An interesting approach to the ecosystem of open / e /, respectful of privacy, people with less expertise in computers.

Flasher your Android phone to install a new operating system that can quickly enjoy the obstacles to the common man. Well aware of this problem, the team behind the free and open source code surrounding environment / e / want to offer users a simple and effective help to quit the pre-erected in the square of Google and others. This smartphone will be sent to Fund staff. The latter will be taken care of and returned to its owner with the new operating system, one designed body. At the moment, the initiative is still in the study, we find a special page available on the Fund's website.

/ E /, a non-profit organization created in the past year

Founded in May 2018, 'Funds is, "describes itself as" The project is a non-profit public interest ". His goal: to allow users of Android smartphones, especially, to cancel the influence of Google and its voracious appetite for personal data. To achieve this goal, the foundation is gradually developing and offering its own AOC, / e /, designed with confidentiality in mind. Available for free in the beta, a free operating system can be installed for a total of 79 smartphone models (as of this writing), the list of which is published at this address.

The latter is accompanied by a set of applications, also created in the body, and displays compatible with consumer applications to enhance the user's convenience, for both private individuals and professionals, says the official website of the foundation.

Completely based on donations, volunteerism, self-help and by word of mouth, / e / to look for additional ways of financing and continue their development. To do this, the table of the foundation between other smartphones for sale "post-market", ie purchased, equipped with OS / e /, and then sold to the end user. In its roadmap, the agency also said that he is looking for partners and resellers previously install the OS on a "virgin" smart phones and thereby make their first steps in supermarkets.

Smartphone in the e-mail initiative presented to the survey

Along with these projects, and, as mentioned above, users can also quickly send your team to the smartphone / e /, in order to get rid of the Android OS to go free color. However, a service that seems to be viewed from the perspective of finance.

On its official website, the Foundation does offer an anonymous survey to determine Limesurvey, using your community, what price can be applied to the potential of the new service. The offer includes the delivery of a mobile phone (through a pre-paid label), its collection, the outbreak of the smartphone, and finally packaging it for his homecoming.

The survey is available at this address. Currently, the price offered for this service start at 25 euros.

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