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US bank JPMorgan has caused anger in the Network "fault" of the client rolls



"Monday Motivation" with JPMorgan Chase Sun will please many.

Like many other companies, the US bank JPMorgan Chase posted Monday, April 29 tweet with the hashtag #MondayMotivation. This tendency to give courage to the Internet earlier this week did not have the desired effect, in this case, as shown by slate, Edition, has since been removed were in the form of a short dialogue between a client and his bank account.

I have: "Why do I have so little money in my account"
Bank account "Make your coffee at home"
Bank account: "Eat what is in your fridge"
Bank account "You do not need to take a taxi, it's close "
I have: "I never know why I have so little money"
Bank account: "Sur & # 39; ozna?"

I suggested to laugh publication rather cringe. Democratic presidential candidate, Elizabeth Warren, said this "Monday Motivation". With regard to the inclusion in the publication of ridicule, the Massachusetts senator recalled the crisis of 2008, which cost a lot of money of the American people, who had to finance the plan to rescue the banks.

Chase: "Why customers do not save?"
taxpayers: "We have lost a job / housing / savings, but funded bailout of 25 billion"
workers: "Employers do not pay decent wages"
economists: "Rising costs + wages stagnant economy = 0"
Chase: "We will never know "
All: «Sérieusement? "

Many people reacted on Twitter. If some people have taken the publication of a joke, and many others pointed to the "anger" and "stupidity" tweet. Some customers have even warned that they intended to terminate the contract with the bank concerned.


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