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What ROSP, this award for GPs good students?


Medical insurance wants to reward good practice physicians. Almost 60,000 general practitioners will receive a bonus in the coming days: Compensation of public health goals (ROSP). Private doctors affected reaches over 4,500 euros ROSP if they were in 2018, followed the instructions of health insurance. The main goal is to reduce the hole in Social Security.

Believe health insurance, doctor Ouroudji, based in Saint-Ouen-l & # 39; Aumone Val d & # 39; the Oise, with & # 39 is one of those virtuous doctors. Prize of 6,900 euros for having fulfilled several criteria, as detailed in the report. "Some of the criteria that are used to find out if it has been prescribed in the general directory or not. It is a question of costs. Maybe, ROSP helped convince some doctors it's really important to pay attention to, "he explains with Europe 1 and claim at once:" If one is in front of our patient, we do not think, ROSP, at least, I hope that my colleagues I do not think ROSP … »

Order directing the economy or improve the practice of medicine?

This amount can directly influence a doctor's prescription? Could not see the numbers. In 2017, however, it could avoid more than 700,000 treatments with antibiotics. For his part, Dr. Ouroudji see a way to improve their practice.

This, for example, better screening for cervical cancer, poorly selected criteria at national level, mainly due to doctors do not have the time, according to Dr. Ouroudji. Standard consultation lasting 15 to 20 minutes, the doctor faced with a patient to come to a particular problem, such as a fever, do not necessarily think about solving the problem of prevention and screening for other infections. "Sometimes you think about it, sometimes you do not think. It is true, it is quite difficult that he was alone in a medical office, without assistance, especially in the medical fact less "laments practitioners.

He performs in solo work six doctors departed without replacement in this city. The decision will be a paramedic. If the creation of such posts is enshrined in the law "My health in 2022," finance is still under consideration by the Ministry of Health.

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