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WHO does not recommend any of the display forms for children under 5 years


WHO issues new recommendations for the health of young children, especially with regard to their reporting screens. It is not surprising that the organization stands for a very limited time in five years and two years.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) issued new recommendations for the health of young children. The problem is widely present screens. In its recommendations, the structure does not advise not to leave a child under two years of the screen. She also believes that a maximum of one hour per day, the maximum for a child aged up to five years, but it's better to aim lower.

Sport, not screens for children

"More exercise, less sedentary activity and good sleep quality will allow at least to improve their physical and mental health and well-being, and help prevent childhood obesity and the diseases associated with it later"Says Dr. Fiona Bull, head of communicable disease surveillance and prevention programs among the population in the WHO. It also helps to help build good habits from childhood, this is indicated.

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Dr. Juana considers Willumsen "What really is to put the game in the center of a child's life"WHO should be replaced by a statement "Long periods when a young child attached or fixed to the screen with a more active games, while ensuring that enough sleep", On-site activities are also recommended, but not to overdose and not the screen. "Time spent sedentary screen time without loss of quality on the basis of interaction with the service – reading, singing, educational games and telling stories, for example – is essential for the development of the child", The said organizations.

To sum up, the child needs to be active and to work with an adult to supervise. Time spent in front of screen should be zero for two years and is very low in the next five years.

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