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With global warming, mosquitoes (and disease), can migrate to the north –


The results of the scientists in a study published this week alarmist. This century so far, nearly one billion people may be exposed to, one billion people by then, had nothing to fear from these diseases are transmitted by mosquitoes.

But these small insects are installed where the temperature suits them and, if global warming continues at its current pace, the urban centers of Europe, the US and China may well meet them.

Dengue, yellow fever, Zika

The researchers focused on two types of mosquitoes, Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus their scientific names. The first major vector of dengue, yellow fever and Zeke particular.

Secondly, we designate as the tiger mosquito. It grows in Asia, it also transmits the aforementioned diseases. First of all, it is particularly stable and able to adapt to cooler regions.

Dessert too hot zone

Scientists have found several models of research in the light of global warming, but also migration and urbanization. According to them, these mosquitoes could settle in thirty years in Chicago or Shanghai, for example.

On the other hand, these insects desert areas become too hot. According to one of the forecasting models, these two mosquito species may well disappear from the Central in 60 years.

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