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After the fall of Rodriginho search revenue perspective resume sooner Cruz


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Vice-scorer Cruise in 2019, seven goals, was Rodriginho productivity declines last three team game. He tries to recover atuaes well in the matches against Cear, with 19.15 environment and Gois, from 16 am on Monday, the Brazilian championship. Thiago Neves could also claim the title.

Especially in Flamengo defeated by 3-1, on Saturday at the Maracana, Rodriginho found in open spaces to create a situation of danger. Well marked Makhovikov William Aro and Gustav Cullar, 23, was the owner of a shirt caught the ball at least, only 2.06% of possession at 62 minutes and suffered the most tackles five times.

Rodriginho as "disappeared" at the touch of the ball, being responsible for only 16 of 339 passes Cruz (4.7%). For comparison, half Marquinhos Gabriel gave this figure in the team of 36 hits. In Flemish, the beaters were, respectively, William Aro, 62; and Everton Ribeiro, 61.

In the finals of the state championship against Athletic, Rodriginho already fought against adversria strong marking. In the first game, Cruzeiro won 2-1, in the mining industry, Mano Menezes has changed the middle Pedro Rocha, 23min to the second half. In the return game in Independence, Lucas Silva joined the team soon after Fred label pnalti goals and provide a link at 1-1.

Before leaving sequence Rodriginho was high on the cruise, and often serve as a second striker and taking advantage of the spaces opened Fred to enter into a large area and finishing. Midfielder was decisive score goals in the victory over Huracn (1-0, Argentina), Deportivo Lara (2-0, Minas Gerais) and Emelec (1-0, Ecuador) in Group B of the Copa Libertadores.

On Saturday, after the speed to Flamengo, Mano Menezes has been asked a reporter of the press in Rio de Janeiro on atuao with Rodriginho. He decided to analyze the time of your indivudual commands, but the group as a whole.

"We athletes individually speech. Cruise team and win as a team. Speaking individually, so you guys commentators who analyze the game. Technical analysis of the game as a whole. I think that we, in so far as we can in the transition from defense to attack with great quality, always the players from midfield, so that the person responsible for receiving the ball and build VO moves suffer a little more. It is in the context. "

If climbed by Mano Menezes on Wednesday Rodriginho face Cear for the fifth time in his car & # 39; EASURES. The four previous cases, all for America, playing scored two goals.

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