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America formalizes partnership with the Montes Claros and dream about Vlei Superliga title


America finish this Tuesday 107 years of existence and took a commemorative date to officially announce the creation of their team Vlei man, The project was developed in collaboration with the team Montes ClarosThe new team compete all Vlei championships at the state and national level, including Super League, Competition, the leaders are going to win for five years.

However, the US president, Marcus Salloum, Leader Andrew Souza and president of the Federation of Mining Vlei, Thomas MendezThey presented the project to the press Wework space in shopping boulevard, near Santa Efignia, eastern region of Belo Horizonte.

Andrew Souza, the project manager, senior flight planning to a new team. "We aim for some bold, but in four or five years, this team will be the champion of Super LeagueWe'll get there, because we have not only the desire, but we are working hard to make all that happen. With this brand as our partner, we have the entire structure, there are council involvement, the direction of the presidency of America with us. We firmly believe in the success, "he said.

Marcus Salloum I made the issue to emphasize the participation of his predecessor, former President Alencar da Silveira JuniorWho was the one who gave initiated mediation between America and Montes Claros. According to the current president, the project is living history of America that in the past belonged to different forms besides football.

"Today, our greatest joy still, we could go back a little to our origins. America has a very strong growth of specialized sports. America was in basketball, football, volleyball. Lot. (…) J America has a women's football, football has Enduro team. Now let's make a deal in Vlei, which I'm sure will be a very strong and successful, "the president said.

The management team will be tasked to Montes Claros and initially in America is not financial support Vlei in the team. Rabbit give your brand, material and sports experience.

"At that time, America will enter the markWith all the brand brings. Let's talk about & # 39; yadnovvatstsa team Montes Claros, to be able to get the resources together. (…) All partnership It begins with some initial basic conditions. We believe a minimum, and then go on foot to the partnership. Today, America comes with the brand, materials, all for America account. Every gesture on behalf of Montes Claros. Now America brand, it is not only the material. Comes the interests of the crowd Vm Vm. And it's one thing to be built throughout the project ", he developed Salum.

In addition, according to the president, the economic moment America does not allow the use of financial resources in the newly created team Vlei. "Today we know that such rules give rise high costs and America still has the ability within your budget on it. And if you can not do something on their own. we are looking for strategic partnersThis partnership makes us very pleased with the Montes Claros to compete in national tournaments Vlei. Team Montes Claros has a great reputation and recognition in the Super League Mineiro, all championships he played, "said the manager.

the formation of teams and games away from home "

The new team Vlei America led by coach henrique Furtado, Coach has already sent Juiz de Fora, and was a member of the technical committee of the Southern Cross. In 2015, he was the champion in Super League with UNIFEMM team.

On the formation of the team leaders stated that they are aware of the national and international market, and they can count on the athletes nominated cruise.

"The composition of formatting people have. There is a conversation with a cruise so that some athletes are assigned. But hiring be done on time. Henrique Furtado will coach. We say a few names from both the national and international scenario, for the song "said Andrew Souza, manager of the American Vlei.