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Analyst sees gamers migrate en masse to the island in 2022 – Credits


In the era of PC, console and mobile devices to co-exist with the same purpose, many talk about the future in a world where streaming services & # 39 are dominant. Adding this script to other factors, some players may leave the computer as we know it, and migrate to the islands, predicts analyst Jon Peddie in its market company auditing, JPR.

In fact, according to experts, about "20 million players" can not choose a sofa and a TV instead of a chair and a computer until 2022, when services such as Apple TV and Google stadiums, advertised through the cloud, they can also be installed in industry – and thus place the PC equipment in the receipt. But this is not the only reason.

"PC market continues to decline due to the innovations that a & # 39 appeared in the past, and offering new things to achieve, in the annex to the introduction of these products stretching things for four years. (…) There is a situation, the panic and the market GPUs continue to generate incredible on & # 39; volume. However, there are constant forces anticipate pave some deals in television displays and gaming services linked, "the analyst said.

In such "permanent forces," said Peddie can translate into new islands, new services and ecosystem of more "integrated" to the consumer's life, and, of course, the names of which are available exclusively for Microsoft systems, Sony and the Nintendo, for example. In addition, the improvement of TV panels are a factor which, together with others, may persuade consumers to take this side (the islands) in the long term.

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Analyst sees gamers migrate en masse to the island by 2022 using Voxel

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