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Battlefield Military courses V – Chapter 3: Baptism by Fire


Today (30/04) will be available via update for Battlefield 5, the third Chapter 3 Trial by Fire. This update contains improvements in a wide variety of functions, such as an adjustment in vehicles, soldiers and weapons. Firestorm mode received several updates, including a new victory of the screen.

We have recently published a report about what was going to happen in this update, giving the small details of some of the major changes, you can check by clicking here!

updates the list is large, so we separated the main elements of this update and are presented below. Full note you can find the link posted on Reddit (in English).


  • Now you have full control over the animation to roll your soldiers. You must press to sit down, to be able to scroll, so if you are performing this maneuver, you do not lose a life, or will have at least 40% damage reduction. You can shoot only after the completion of the animation.
  • The increase in the spread of bullets in the sub-machine guns and automatic machines for the orientation, that is, if you're shooting in the micro-surge is much more efficient to shoot with a finger.
  • Return yellowish contrast to regain health, when you use a bag of medical images turn yellow at the edges.
  • Changes in the impact chamber gun. Thus, the camera and the gun should move slightly from the center of the screen. But remember that your shots are going to where the gun determines.
  • Grenade smoke now and give wider coverage, being denser and increasing the smoke area.
  • Added ability to increase or decrease the "jitter" from the explosion chamber through extended gameplay options.
  • The update also brings the first classes V Battlefield elite


  • turret rotation speed was increased to medium heavy guns and tanks. Because of this, it has been reduced by the gain you have during the rotation of the tower in the tank specialization. Before he had a 25% increase in the moment just happened to be 15%.
  • Attaching JU 88C camera can now be recharged in the field of replenishment.
  • Blenheim aircraft will carry bombs of 500 and 1000 pounds instead of the pumps 250 and 500, equating it with firepower JU 88. Pumps 40 pounds will align the plane wreckage allows more precision in time to weaken them,
  • Another change in Blenheim with a & # 39 is the examination of .50 machine guns, which will be the tip of the nose of the airplane will be explosive.
  • Anti-aircraft have their losses are reduced by approximately 20% compared with the fighters.


  • The new screen wins, adding a little more "excitement" when you win the match
  • Fixed a bug that made the player to come out and join the game through their squads.
  • Players can now use as weapons and accessories in Schwimmwagen in the passenger seat, while in the water.
  • Fixed a bug that made it look like a dead player crawling or still alive, lying.
  • Increasing the number of shield plates that soldiers can carry from three to five.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the gun fired accidentally after someone revives.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to bring a gun to lobby the match in Firestorm.
  • Health and killed if the soldiers killed were increased from 200 to 300.
  • An adjustment in the amount of XP, the XP equivalent amount of the other ways.
  • Players can now revive his comrades who died in vehicles.
  • Change in the mini-map color signal, so that players do not confuse it with a & # 39; an objective area.

Time to change today, April 30, on different platforms will be:

  • PC: 5: 00hrs
  • PS4: 6: 00hrs
  • XBox One: 7: 00hrs

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