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Beth Carvalho in Rio dies at age 72


Beth Carvalho singer died Tuesday (30) was hospitalized two months later. This information was confirmed by the manager of the samba, Afonso Carvalho. In a statement, he said Beth, 72, died at 17h33m, generalized infection, surrounded by the love of your family & # 39; and and friends.

"We thank all the love and solidarity demonstrations at the time. Beth leaves a priceless legacy for Brazilian popular music and will always be remembered for his struggle for culture and the Brazilian people. His talent has presented us with the opening of many composers and artists out there on the road to success. Starting with great success «Andança», to reach Mars with the "little things of the Father" Beth traced successful track winner of several awards, including a Grammy for lifetime achievement. As soon as possible, inform the funeral, "the statement said.

Hospital, Beth Carvalho cancels show in Rio de Janeiro

On Monday (29), the presentation of singer Beth Carvalho, which was scheduled for 5 May, the anniversary of her house Vivo Rio de show was canceled for medical advice. Sambo singer was admitted to a hospital in the South of the Rio de Janeiro area two months ago. Vivo Rio reported that the tickets purchased will be refunded.

Beth began to sing lying
Beth began to sing lying Photo: Portraits of Life

The last show of samba, 72, in Rio de Janeiro, in October last year, the Oktoberfest Rio. Throughout the entire show, she was lying on the bed. For many years, it is facing back problems that increasingly restrict their movement and cause of hospitalization. Earlier this year, Beth has been hospitalized in a hospital in the southern zone of the address, again, health problems.

Where she was, Sambo nobody has ever reached Mars. In 1997, the interpretation of Beth Carvalho for "Daddy trifle 'Jorge Aragon, was selected by NASA in order to" wake up "Alien robot sent on a mission to the Red Planet.

Beth woke up in the world in the same place, which served as the cradle of samba. Elizabeth Carvalho Santos Liv was born May 5, 1946, in the Gamboa district, the port area of ​​Rio de Janeiro, an area where Sambo appeared at the beginning of the last century. But Beth was even set up in the south, where he has three passions: Botafogo, hose and PDT Leonel Brizol.

Music was close from the beginning. Grandmother played guitar and mandolin; sister sang. Bethouvia early national radio, but also had live music in the home. His father, a lawyer, was a member of the singers who frequented some & # 39; nd home. Beth heard a sofa loves Silvio Caldas and Elizeth Cardoso.

At the carnival, rose a box with her mother to see the passage of the hose, at a time when Portela won all carnivals. Decorated with all the samba-plot of the year. He only got hard when at age 17, there's a guy who hated rampant. Thick Thursday to find himself alone in the house, the beta did not think twice: wearing a Hawaiian costume, not switched on the television and samba until dawn.

Although the translator rhythm of the popular classes, where & # 39; I Beth was a good financial life. Girl, child, he studied classical ballet and a course of labels for women. I had classes, such as holding an umbrella, use a knife and fork, and enter or leave the car – with the class.

But a military coup in 1964 brought problems in the family & # 39; and the singer: his father, a supporter of Lenin, was dismissed from the position he held at the Ministry of Finance. Then the money was missing in their Carvalho. Beth started giving guitar lessons to help parents.

As a singer, she became a samba, but with bossa nova. Enchanted Joao Gilberto, carried out at a pace of university festivals and exhibitions. We have to record a compact in 1965, which interpreted "Why die for love?", Roberto Menescal and Ronaldo Boscolo. But next year, approaching the rate of which was consecrated by participating in the show "The time and place of samba" with Nelson and Sergeant Noca da Portela.

He made a historical record of samba masters like Nelson Kavakinho, Top Hat, Sergeant Nelson and Carlos cachaça. The desire to seek the samba, which he led to the Cacique Court Ramos ceramics, while it began at the dawn of a new generation of talent is – and what's more, a new way to play samba, using instruments such as the banjo and hand chime. In the end, find an artist associated with the Zek Cacique like pagodas, Arlindo Cruz, Gwyneth Almere and Jorge Aragon. Throughout his car & # 39; EASURES, he continued to draw attention to new talents that have emerged in Mariene Castro and the quintet in white and black, while never recording wobbly pioneers. I was thus nicknamed goddaughter, whom he loved, but with reservations. Always found absurd, Brazil, artists like Top Hat, sponsors need to be recognized.

column problem

In 2007, the singer fell out with his heart samba school. Because of problems in the spine, it is a space in the float, because he could not walk the parade. When it comes to the time of the parade, it was prevented from climbing in the car, in case of & # 39 is "support". Bethficou hurt, he said, only to return to the parade in green and pink, when he received forgiveness – what's to come. The following year came Viradouro, which honored Topper.

It was the best year since 2009. Beth was honored at Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas, when he received the award "achievement Lifetime» Grammy for his full car & # 39; EASURES. In the same year he came to apologize hose. The new president at the time, Yves Meirelles, took the school and invited beta appreciate hose make Nelson Kavakinho carnival next year. The singer paraded wheelchair.

Wheelchair showed worsening problems with the spine. Beth Carvalho fractured bone in the cross bottom of the column. This took place two screws to aid in calcification. I played that in addition to the interplanetary, became a "bionic woman." Only with good humor even to account for the 18 months he had to stay in bed because of an injury. Returned to the stage in 2011, the same year he released "Our samba & # 39; re on the street," his last album in 2012, he won the Latin Grammy for the CD..

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