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Brazil beat Argentina and the South American U17


Photo: Press Release / AFA

Argentina is in South America and 17 Hexagonal. An epic way, albieleste beat Brazil 3-0 and got the last place in Group B. Both teams remained with 7 points, while the Argentines know a better goal.

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If necessary, seek at least three goals, Argentina stepped on the accelerator from the start and in the first minute has created an excellent opportunity to Godoy, who was in the box and scared.

The best in this area, the albiceleste could create if he had possession and lost an incredible goal enough. Palacios was in the side area and crossed as the number 9 to enter the shopping cart and sending the bottom line.

At a slower pace, Brazil has come a little in attack, and when pierced opposite sign, Rios goalkeeper with & # 39; was.

35 In Argentina opened the scoring. Renan gave a blow in Zeballos and the referee called a penalty. The collection, the legs of the Year and shook firm network.

At the final stage of the Argentinian elected remained the same as Brazil was complicated by four minutes. After committing a foul in midfield, Diego Rosa picked up a second yellow card and was sent off.

The numerical advantage on the scoreboard and the players pressed Argentina and found the second goal. Palacios threw a bomb and surprised goalkeeper Gabriel, who took the fall.

Looking for classification purpose, albiceleste launched an attack and took advantage of the despair of Brazil. Every Argentine descent danger of a proposal to create a Brazilian and Archer often with & # 39; is to keep the rank.

In the final minutes to Argentina, we have created two great chances Classification goals. In the first, raised and Sforza Amione within a small area, sent by mail. Shortly thereafter, a new study, Gabriel went wrong and alone, Henry feet to take the line. On the left, away protection.

In addition there was no way. We cross to the left, Gabriel Year missed the ball while in the area and slammed Amione wasted.

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