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Carolina does not want to Rizia invited Alan to dinner Angel


Caroline and Paul (Play / TV Globo)

On Saturday night (30) Caroline He planned for the next day Paula, Referring to sister she trustingly did not want to see Alan with Rizia on Angel lunch.

"There the angel of the boys." "We wake up tomorrow, these cookies, I go to the gym," and Paul reminded Bahia "To be afraid of the angel. I hope she does not call Alan at lunch, the monster can not go. To be afraid it's called Alan, the strategy did not vote for him … "she said. "But he does not vote, you do not," added production.

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"I'm afraid that it gives Alan," says Caroline Rizia give immunity to his brother

During the Saturday afternoon (30) Rizia won angel, and therefore has the right to a special dinner can be called one of the brothers, And get right to the inviolability and $ 5000 reais as a prize. Sister does not know what invincible and only to discover at the time of the formation of the next wall.

Journalist Angel won for the second time in a row. Sister had to punish the two monsters of punishment. Alan and Hariany were selected from Alagoas. How necklace have to dress in costumes of a musical instrument. A surfer was like a drum drum and sister stringed instrument.

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