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cases of dengue fever in the Federal District increased by almost 600% in the first quarter of 2019


Antonio Otavio: «I am very afraid of what might happen. Every day that passes, I'm getting worse. Suffering is unbearable, because it hurts (photo: Minervino Junior / CB / G. Press)
Antonio Otavio: «I am very afraid of what might happen. Every day that passes, I'm getting worse. Suffering is unbearable, because it hurts (Photo: Minervino Junior / CB / G. Press)

Dengue threat comes from the small vector, almost invisible. If Aedes aegypti bites, causes discomfort in the body, fever, fatigue, shortness of breath and many other symptoms that if not treated properly, can lead to death. "I'm very afraid of what might happen. Every day that passes, I become worse. Suffering is unbearable, because it hurts everyone. Can not stand the discomfort in the eyes and head, "sighs Antonio Otavio Magalhães, 56, who rarely went to the doctor and

I had an iron health.

Situation as Carpenter has become increasingly common in 2019. Because of dengue, six people died in federal district within three months of the year – more than in 2018, when there was one death from dengue in the annex to the fatal episodes , the statistical probability of the cases find out the alarming situation, living in the 31 administrative regions of Fra due to the proliferation of mosquitoes. From January to March, cases have exceeded last year's record.

According to the survey, Health on 16 March 3754 no cases of dengue have been confirmed – in the 12 months 2018, reported 2,463 folder. Compared with the first quarter last year, the difference is even more exorbitant: in the period from January to March 2018 were registered 542 suspected cases of dengue fever in the DF – Number 592% lower. "We have no idea how much dengue is dangerous to shrink it. From now on, I will be more careful in the fight against mosquitoes. I hope that more people understand this, and do not spend what I'm going through, "says Antonio Otavio.

According to the experts to eliminate the condition for reproduction of Aedes aegypti with a & # 39 is the most effective tool against the disease. "Public participation in the management of vector focus with & # 39 is the key," managed care health workers in the Fundação Oswaldo Cruz (FIOCRUZ) in Brazil, Claudio Maierovitch. He warns that the lack of mobilization in the fight against mosquitoes with a & # 39 is one of the possible reasons for the increase of cases and deaths in 2019. "After the major dengue epidemics in 2015 and 2016, as an effort to teach people became less intense," he says.

The doctor says that the figures this year are alarming, and can be explained by climatic factors. "Every year we have a rainy season and dry, but the fact is that when the rains mixed with the sun, facilitate the mosquito cycle down." According to the National Institute of Meteorology (INMET), rain fell less DF wealth this year. While during the first three months of 2018 the index of rainfall was 664.9 millimeters in the period from January to March 2019, poured only 492mm. "If you have rain all the time, all open containers wash known, the larvae die," explains Maierovitch.


Seller PAI Gabriel, 25, says he was infected with dengue virus due to carelessness of the people living around you. "In my work I often have lunch in the area of ​​company funds, and always find a lot of standing water. I think I'm sick of this, "he complains.

Gabriel lives and works in itapoá, administrative region with one of the highest rates of confirmed cases in Mexico this year. Near the Botanical Garden, Paranoá and San Sebastian, the city with the & # 39 is part of the Eastern Health Region, which accounted for 1,261 occurrences of infections. In this region, the incidence of dengue 521.95 entries per 100,000 inhabitants – in the Federal District, the statistics is 121.04 per 100 thousand inhabitants.

During the week, Gabriel feels serious consequences of this disease. There are a lot of pain in the body, especially in the abdominal area. Due to dengue, the number of platelets – the cells responsible for blood clotting – the boy dropped his body 120,000. In a healthy person between 150,000 and 450,000 platelets. "Firstly, I vomited a lot and felt a lot of fever. I'm recovering, but still feel bad. "For Gabriel, people should be more experienced. "We need to think about the team. If I am not able to prevent, another person may end up paying the price. Therefore, all the DF should be involved in this battle. "

Teacher Volunteer Lucenir Acevedo, 40, also lives in itapoá fears and join the statistics. Since the beginning of last week, she complains of pain in the body and fever. On Wednesday, he was looking for a basic health unit, where he was treated with the serum. However, symptoms persist. "Not me proper diet for a few days. It's terrible. All that I ask myself the reason discomfort, "he says. Lucenir fulfills its role in the fight against Aedes aegypti, but realizes that the city with the & # 39 is an attractive environment for the spread of mosquitoes.

"My house is very small and does not leave stagnant water. But itapoá Park, for example, I have accumulated a lot of junk. As there is not paved, Teamsters rule exactly, and when there is rain, the water accumulates. I believe that this can contribute to cases of dengue continue to grow, "he says.

Teacher rights, according to the medical health workers Maierovitch. "A large number of reported cases in itapoá, Paranoá and San Sebastian has to do with how organized the population and urban space. These factors have a direct impact on the spread of mosquitoes. In itapoá, in particular, how the community lives more closely, dengue transmission easier. "

Three questions for Marc Obara, a professor of epidemiology at UNB

What are the reasons for rate hikes in 2019?

Dengue is a & # 39 is a multifactorial disease that has no single cause. The reasons include a variety of reasons, such as socio-economic status of cities and climate change. Problems such as unplanned urbanization, lack of sanitation and lack of selective collection annexed to environmental factors such as rain abundant, high humidity and high temperatures.

The increase of confirmed cases and deaths from dengue may serve as a warning to the public?

Yes, these numbers are very important for people who know that this is a disease which, depending on the severity, can lead to death. In addition, they are important for the prevention of health authorities, which should strengthen the control and monitoring of species, so that the spread of mosquitoes found.

What should be the public care?

It is important that residents keep their yards clean. Attention must be paid in abandoned houses, which tend to accumulate more than reproduction. Clear water tanks and troughs are also protective measures. Another recommendation is to use repellents, especially for pregnant women, as Zika virus. population assistance is important for mosquito control, otherwise we were very vulnerable. Who does not remove the garbage and not detract from the yards of containers with standing water promotes the spread of Aedes Aegypti.



Dengue with 39 & # is a milder form of the disease and are often mistaken for influenza. It begins suddenly and the symptoms can last from five to seven days, with features such as high temperature (39 ° C to 40 ° C), fatigue, headache, muscle and joint pain, malaise, nausea, vomiting, among others.

According to experts

responsibility of all

"The neglect of the population in the fight against dengue fever, may have contributed to an increase in the number of cases. When we came at a time when many incidents are entirely reported – as in 2018 – there is a decline of prevention against mosquito. Nevertheless, the company prepares and care more, because we can be in the midst of an alarming epidemic.

Who concluded contract dengue should redouble caution. Mosquito reaches a gentle man. Rates are higher for those exposed to the virus again disease. Thus, the recommendation is that if you feel the first symptoms of the patient to the doctor regularly. In the end, the complications do not start in the first days, but after the fifth day, when a person thinks he is improving.

More than ever, preventive measures appear to be necessary. It is very important to avoid the multiplication, resulting in standing water in tires, bottles, mostly. Also, see if there are spots on the basis of the neighbors and warn them about the danger of the proliferation of mosquitoes. Fighting dengue with & # 39; is everyone's responsibility. "

Alexander Cunha, infectious diseases, and vice-president of the society of the Federal District of infectious diseases

To learn more

Monitoring risk areas

Manage a number of properties to the presence of containers with Aedes aegypti to the & # 39 is another health strategy in the fight against mosquitoes. In February, for example, the agents toured 26.632 property across the DF directory and found dengue vector focuses on each of the 31 administrative regions, particularly in water storage tanks for human consumption, such as water tanks, filters, barrels, etc. .

However, the department said the level of infestation of the building in the capital under control. Today, Prospects 0.83% (up to 1% are considered satisfactory. The numbers from 1% to 3.9% are alertness, while more than 3.9% indicate risk). Anyway confirms health, that prevention can not stop.

(Photo: CB / G. Press)
(Photo: CB / G. Press)

"Keep a lookout for the population to carry out the search and elimination of places that can serve as potential breeding grounds for the mosquito Aedes Aegypti, especially during the rainy season. If breeding eliminated, cease to exist, the requirement to develop a life cycle of a mosquito, "says the folder newsletter.

The point is Sur & # 39; oznae and requires attention

The situation is considered sensitive by the government, so that in January GDF established a task force for the prevention and control of dengue. In addition to the officers and firefighters human observations of the Executive power of using drones to display the highest infestation Aedes Aegypti location and try to reduce the number of cases.

"We are intensifying their activities in the area and the direction of the residents. The basic recommendation does not leave standing water in any form. Any of the & # 39; an object can become the center of a mosquito. Containers that collect water, such as tires, open water boxes, cans of paint, eggshells, plastic cups, bottle caps, in particular, can not be played in a random order in the yard, "says Environment Manager Environment Surveillance Vectors and pets toxic and field health action, Eddie Xavier Faria.

(Photo: CB / G. Press)
(Photo: CB / G. Press)

Folder Actions also aim to teach people how to properly dispose of the waste in order to avoid potential mosquito breeding places. Additionally, in cooperation with the urban cleaning system (SLU), promotes health environmental management system for collecting unused materials in houses – in an oven, banks, buses, sofas and old tiles – and transport them from debris in the receiving unit, the old dumper structural.

"In the cities with a high viral circulation, make corrective actions to kill mosquitoes. The use of fogging and spray coastal areas. We expect that the situation will stabilize in the coming months, "predicts Eddie Xavier, who enlists the help of the public. "The actions of the inhabitants prevented enough. Everyone knows that dengue with & # 39 is a problem, and how the disease is transmitted, but many people still do not care. Custody with & # 39 is the most effective way we fight this disease. "


Each week, the Department of Environmental Health Surveillance, fire and SLU promote preventive measures in different administrative districts DF. Since January this year, the team vistoriam houses and land in areas with higher levels of probable cases of dengue fever. Between 18 and 25 March, for example, found 27 mosquito foci only in San Sebastian.

One of the goals with the & # 39 is to inform the public about the diseases transmitted Aedes aegypti. Nevertheless, there is still resistance from some residents. "Many people refuse to receive our visits. This year more than 400 people did not listen to us, and it is alarming, because I believe that you can affect a large number of cases, "said Lt. Col. fire service, Deusdete Vieira.

(Photo: Lucio Bernard Jr / GMT Agency)
(Photo: Lucio Bernard Jr / GMT Agency)

Monday through Friday, 40 firefighters taking part in the target group and visit at least about 200 & # 39 objects. On Saturdays and Sundays, the work intensified and has 400 staff. The goal is to test between 2 and 3 million homes per week. From tomorrow, urban health south-central part (Casco Creek Fund I and II, Park Way, Candangolândia, Guara, industry and power sector (SIA profile), complementary industry and food sector (Scià) and structurally city) get the action .

"It will be crucial for the residents here. We live in danger, "said the barber Admiral Pereira, 44, who lives in Chácara Santa Lucia, in the structure of the city. Two weeks ago, he fell ill with dengue fever. I rest for five days, suffering from the effects of the disease. "I thought I would die. Any movement, my body accuses some pain. It was the first time I got dengue fever, and I hope it was the last, "the admiral said.

Next to the woman – who was also infected Aedes aegypti – and the son of the admiral he is doing everything to prevent the mosquitoes to breed in your yard. However, it does not have any control over what is happening outside their residence are concerned. "The problem is that the city, especially in the region Chácara Santa Lucia, lacks infrastructure. Thus, it is difficult to deal with mosquitoes "recognizes. "Nevertheless, we must continue to contribute even a little. Dengue is a & # 39; is a serious & # 39; oznay problem. We can not relax, "said the barber.

* The student under the direction of José Carlos Vieira

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