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Check out the loot PIS / PASEP in March and April 2019


Check robbed PIS / PASEP in March and April 2019, he began to be paid on Thursday (17) bonus pay PIS calendar January 2018 to 2019, the base 2017 for employees of private initiative, born in January and February. PIS paid in CEF.

Evaluation of the Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Economy, with the & # 39 is that more than the R $ 2.8 billion to be paid about 3.4 million workers.

According to the schedule, born in the period from January to June will receive a PIS in the 1st quarter. In any situation, the function will be available to the employee up to June 28, the deadline for receipt.

The amount of benefit depends on the R $ 83 to $ 998 the R, depending on how long the person worked officially in 2017.

Who is eligible

You are entitled to a bonus wages, which received an average of up to two minimum wages per month with an official contract and carried out profitable activity for at least 30 days in 2017. It should also be registered in PIS / PASEP, at least for five years and have the data updated by the employer in the annual social information (RAIS), the base 2017.

Private sector workers Removing money in the CEF, and state employees, the Bank of Brazil. We must present a document of identification and number of PIS / PASEP.

In the case of securities that a & # 39 is the holder of the account box, the payment is made two days before the rest of the other employees. If Pasep, credit accounts holders in the Bank of Brazil, will be held on the third working day before the beginning of each payment period.

The value depends on the exhaust months

The value of benefits related to the number of months worked in the previous year. So, who worked one month in base 2017 will receive 1/12 of the minimum wage. Who worked for two months will receive 2/12, and so on. Only to get the full amount, which worked in the base year 2017 is completed.

For example, if the working period was 12 months, will receive the full amount of aid that a & # 39 is the minimum wage (R $ 998). If you have worked only one month, you will receive the equivalent of 1/12 of wages (R $ 83), and so on.

Income from NTSBA

On occasion, if the output of NTSBA is not performed, the value of shares included in the balance. At the end of the fiscal year (June 28), after updating the balance of income available to work in the new calendar. Yields vary depending on the existing balance in the securities account is associated with an employee.

To see if you qualify and how to draw

In order to remove the manual NTSBA for workers with citizen card and password registered you can access the self-service terminals, cartons or lottery house. If you do not have the Citizen Card, you can get the value of any cash register at before & # 39; identification appears.

PIS information can also be obtained by calling 0800-726-02-07 window. An employee may make additional consultation in place in Ask me Payment. To do this, you need to have the number of NIS (PIS / PASEP) at hand.

Civil servants are entitled to Pasep need to check whether there is a deposit account. If not, they should look for a bank branch in Brazil and to present an identity document. For more information on Pasep can be obtained by calling 0800-729 00 01, the Bank of Brazil.

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