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Chinese users said that Huawei P30 IP68 Pro certification will be "decorative"


After the controversy surrounding the function «Moon Mode», Huawei P30 Pro is now "in the mouths of the people" for controversial stories. By this Chinese news portal UDN P30 Pro user certification questions the reliability of the device IP68 according to damn good personal experience.

The thing would have happened in Chengdu, where P30 Pro carrier, identified as B, accidentally fell in the toilet device while cleaning the bathroom. He claims that the device is removed from the water quickly, but your P30 Pro is no longer working.

Unfortunately, Huawei does not provide any guarantees in the case of immersion for the damage, Wu had to pay for the repair device, which made him to pay 1506 yuan (R $ 879,50 in the direct conversion) to change the motherboard, and a screen that pifaram.

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The data relating to the repair of P30 Pro Wu, worth 1506 yuan (Photo: UDN)

Knowing that the product has protection against dust and water, in not correspond damage the phone, and told stories Huawei customer service channel hopes to receive compensation for instrument repair. However, he says that he got a negative response to the request, as the company is reported to have said that the tests for certification of IP68 is carried out in controlled conditions.

According to In, Huawei's would say that certification test includes sealing the audio inputs and power unit with a special rubber, which differs from the actual operating conditions, it can not be considered as a guarantee that the product will contain diving. However, saying that the certification device is protected IP68, the user understands that the device is able to sufficiently withstand immersion in the 1.5 meter depth for 30 minutes.

According to the UDN, the client plans to file a lawsuit against Huawei for false advertising, as the P30 Pro sells a selection of protection against water and dust.

Canaltech seek contacts with the representatives of Huawei in Brazil for the company to comment on the matter, and the news will be updated as we receive the official position of the manufacturer.

Source: UnderKG, DSU, Reddit

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