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Corinthians and Santos with & # 39 are the only three-time champion Sao Paulo triglycerides – 2019/03/31 – Juca Kfouri


Houses, Cor goes in search of his fourth hat-trick, to join those who won in 1924, 1930 and 1939. It is very old, so that only the last of professionalism.

Saints reached their tris in 1962, 1969 and the second day, in 2012, that is, the golden era of Brazilian football and is already in decline.

The final target of the fourth quarter the hosts on Sunday (31) in the arena Corinthians will, in addition to the name of the 30 states, the probability that the next year, when Paulistinha, level Paulistano club, a champion in 1919.

(The "if Paulistinha" is not information, but only the desire of the column …).

Corinthians may also correspond to the Saints in this age of seven titles.

Maybe. Before you have to overcome it, and then win the final.

The company according to the company, as we know, the Saints better. Read more: Soccer football and Saints above.

True, who has played twice this season, and tied at 1-1 in a friendly, and the first game of the year, and 0-0 from the tournament, always in Itaquera.

This is such a great game, in which the Corinthians have done well-so, as the challenger, unbeaten classic.

In a sense, Santos will play the attack, the best of the competition with 21 goals, against one of the top three security features.

Corinthians came from two goals draws 1-1 with a train and a quarterfinal victory over Santos (2-0) and a draw (0-0) against the leader of the championship in the group stage of the Red Bull.

Timon was not good in any of the games and fish lacking, it is better in both games.

Paradoxically, the presence of artillery Gustagol capital is alvinegro abuse of direct links, as well as the balls in the area, as the English team of the past.

But pests are playing with the ball at his feet and the floor.

Whatever the result is achieved Jorge Sampaoli, he did much to lead his team to a title shot, along with three richer competitors.

Remember that short-throw Santos played on Wednesday without Cueva, Gonzalez and Soteldo, service of Peru, Paraguay and Venezuela elections.

The Corinthians did everything, but of Fagner, the Brazilian, but Michel gave Makkedah work more effective and secure protection.

Attack protection?

They say DNA Santos, rightly, that the goal is, indelibly recorded.

Conceding goals never hurt Santos, even if Ituano, five with a fifth round.

History records in 1958, 1961 and 1964, for example, making six Palmeiras, Sao Paulo and Corinthians, three or four in the Santos ar & # 39; ergarde.

Only in these classic attacks led by Pele he made seven, six and seven: 7-6 to Palmeiras with three goals from Pepe and only one of the king; 6-3 in São Paulo, with four goals and four in a 7-4 against Corinthians.

There were different times, being sold for 11 years between 1957 and 1968 years, without a single victory corintiana even the championship.

In 22 games, 16 Santos wins, 63 goals against 30! Stupor.

Thus, even with the advantage corintiana & # 39 is the largest in the history of the oldest classical Sao Paulo as a whole, 130 wins against 106 losses and 96 draws.

Championship game state number 201, with 81 victories and 61 defeats.

Strictly we do not like.

Carille Fabio also want a good game.

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