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Dengue cases confirmed in Varginha will increase to 15 in 2019


According to data released surveillance Varginha on Monday (29), glasses, confirming 15 cases of dengue fever in 2019 in the city. Only in April, 8 cases were confirmed. A total of 442 cases have been reported this year.

Check areas with confirmed cases

Colonial pole (2) Centennial (2); Murad Vila (1); Bueno Vila (1); Vila Belmiro; Santa Maria (1); Garden Resende (1); Garden Petropolis (1); Corcetti accessories (1); Pole Andere (1); Center (1); Champs Elysees (1); Viola Vila (1).

Prophylaxis with & # 39 is the only weapon against the disease

The best way to prevent dengue from the & # 39 is to combat the accumulation of water spots, suitable sites for the creation of the mosquito that transmits the disease. Therefore, it is important not to accumulate water in canisters, containers, plastic cups, lids of soft drinks, old tires, plant vase, flower pots, bottles, water tanks, barrels, cans, cans, plastic bags and bins, among others.

In order to avoid epidemics of diseases transmitted by Aedes Aegypti and other vector species of mosquitoes, the cooperation of the population is essential. call report: Environment Monitoring Sector environment (3690-2230) or e-mail:, through the Municipal Civil Guard – phone 153.


During the first four months of 2019 the number of deaths due to dengue in Minas Gerais increased by 75% compared to the twelve months of the previous year. There are 21 confirmed deaths, against 12 in 2018. The balance of prematurely released Monday by the State Department and Health (SES / MG) also reported that 66 deaths under investigation.

After seven days, the state recorded 25 000 new probable cases of the disease. In a report released last week were 140.754 records. Already in a report on Monday, they were represented by 165.853 entries suspicion. According to SES, 577 mining towns have reported at least one case of the disease.

According to the department, the city recorded more deaths were Uberlandia, in Minas triangle with eight confirmed. Secondly, Betim, seven deaths. The rest of the entries were in Unai, with two deaths and Arcos, Fruity, Ibir√° and Paracatu records one death each.

Be alert to the symptoms of dengue:

After being bitten by a mosquito with the virus, symptoms usually appear in the 3rd and the 15th day. This is called the incubation period. The average duration of the disease is five to six days. Only after an incubation period & # 39 are the following symptoms:

Classic dengue fever

– High fever with a sudden onset.

– Headache.

– The pain behind the eyes, which worsen with their movement.

– loss of taste and appetite.

– Nausea and vomiting.

– Dizziness.

– fatigue.

– spots and rashes on the skin, similar to measles, especially in chest and upper extremities.

– Lazy and pain in the body.

– a lot of pain in the bones and joints.

dengue hemorrhagic

Symptoms of dengue hemorrhagic fever in early disease are the same as common dengue. The difference occurs more frequently when the fever ends and begins with & # 39; warning signs appear:

– severe abdominal pain and continuous.

– Sustainable vomiting.

– pale skin, cold and clammy.

– Bleeding from nose, mouth and gums.

– drowsiness, agitation and confusion.

– excessive thirst and dry mouth.

– Rapid pulse and weak.

– Shortness of breath.

– Loss of consciousness.

In DHF, the clinical condition is deteriorating rapidly, with & # 39 are signs of circulatory failure and shock, can lead a person to death within 24 hours.

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