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Early puberty in boys may be associated with disease; understand – Letters


Early puberty in boys is less, then you should be more careful when they are suffering.

Early puberty in boys is less, then you should be more careful when they are suffering. Photo: MiguelRPerez / Pixabay

adrenarche, Is more common in girls, it can be a serious & # 39; oznay problem if it occurs in boys. In 50% of male diseases, there is a possibility to be associated with trauma or tumor in the hypothalamic region.

This area of ​​the brain controls the pituitary gland associated with the functioning of other glands in the body that release hormonesIncluding reproductive health. They are responsible for the development of acute symptoms during puberty adolescence.

experts consulted E + They point to the fact that boys, precocious puberty is usually perceived late, so parental attention should be paid. The good news is that, irrespective of diagnosis, there is an effective and safe treatment.

What is precocious puberty?

Precocious puberty is considered a disease and provides a & # 39; the signs of puberty at an early age. This usually occurs before the age of eight girls and nine boys. Evidence in men increases the testicles, penis, hair on the face and voice changes.

"In boys, the cases of & # 39 are diagnosed, because the first manifestations of the increase & # 39; testicular volume and change the characteristics of the external genitalia. But about six, seven years old, he showered alone, or if the penis is not the fears of parents, yet it does not seem an advantage. sometimes it is premature puberty, and may be a tumor, "says Ana Claudia Latronico, endocrinology service director and the hospital metabolism of the Central Institute of Clinical and professor at the Medical Faculty of University of São Paulo.

The specialist explains that the pituitary damage can be caused by a change in the central nervous system that affects the hypothalamus. "Children rarely suffer from premature sexual maturation of the frame, but if it happens, the opportunity to have sur & # 39; serious injury to the central nervous system above," he says.

Early puberty in girls

Girls 20 times more affected by precocious puberty than boys.

Girls 20 times more affected by precocious puberty than boys. Photo: cherylholt / Pixabay

While the remaining 50% of boys with precocious puberty have no reason for this problem, for girls the figure is 90%. That is, they did not detect changes in the central nervous system that shows the cause of the disease.

"And the girl [a puberdade precoce] It is much more common of the & # 39; reality. Studies show that 20 times more victims, "said Felipe Lora, a pediatrician and endocrinologist responsible for early Puberty Center at Children's Hospital Sabara In women, signs of puberty much more notorious:. Breast growth and menstruation.

Precocious puberty Types

There are two types of precocious puberty, central and peripheral. Ana Claudia explains that the former is caused by the activation of hormones in the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. The second occurs independently of the central nervous system and the production of hormones by the adrenal glands becomes dissipated body or ovaries or testes.

Lora does watchful parents. "Children born preterm, small, low weight and growth is likely to start puberty earlier. It should be more to follow, "he says.

If the parents or pediatrician, the child accompanying notice any early signs of puberty, an endocrinologist from the & # 39 is the best doctor to take care of. The diagnosis is mainly clinical, and examinations will be required only to identify possible causes.

"First, you have an appointment to see if puberty progresses or at the same level. In some cases, it starts and stops without any problems. If it is progressive, you have to see if the case of the & # 39 is the central (hypothalamic area) or peripheral (ovaries and testes), "says pediatrician. If the central MRI study will determine if there is damage to the pituitary gland.

90% of girls and 50% boys, precocious puberty is not a specific reason.

90% of girls and 50% boys, precocious puberty is not a specific reason. Photo: Beth-Hamiti

genetic cause

Ana Claudia has developed a study that showed the genetic defect responsible for early puberty in the same group, where there is no specific reason. Through research, it was one of the winners of the award winner of the American Society of Endocrinology.

"In a study of seven & # 39; ads with more than one affected central precocious puberty, we were able to detect defects in the genes," says the expert. "This defect is transmitted by the mother or father, but if the parents are transmitted, precocious puberty manifestation occurs. When the mother transferring the gene is silent, "he explains.

The consequences of early puberty

The girls end up suffering a bit with precocious puberty, as they seem to have more advanced than the actual age. "It brings grief to the children, who become more and more depressed, they feel as if they were part of your age group. Five children appears to be eight or nine are considered as older children or may suffer unintended sexual approach, "says Ana Claudia.

The physical aspect of precocious puberty beginning height. According to doctors, the child can lose ten to 20 cm in height and in the future. This is because it grows very quickly at the beginning and bone maturation occurs as premature. Thus, the anticipated closing of the space between the bones leads to growth arrest to the ideal time, and it is independent from the parent height.

If left untreated, early puberty can lead to a lower altitude than the person might be.

If left untreated, early puberty can lead to a lower altitude than the person might be. Photo: jarmoluk / Pixabay

Another consequence of precocious puberty with a & # 39 is the possibility of disease in adulthood. Ana Claudia Felipe Lora cite studies linking dealing with breast cancer, uterus, heart disease and obesity. One explanation would be prolonged chronic exposure to sex hormones. In women, estradiol is associated with a tumor at the beginning of the breast and endometrium.

Treatment of precocious puberty

Felipe Lora says treatment is necessary precisely in order to avoid their repetition in the future. Therapy is indicated in accordance with the type of precocious puberty diagnosed. If the center of unknown cause, treatment consists of blocks that's hormones and pauses puberty. If swelling or peripheral so, the treatment is more individual.

Ana Claudia explains that the blockade of puberty is done through the use of synthetic hormone that competes with releasing hormone and actually reduce secretion. "[O tratamento] has been used for over 20 years, with a & # 39 is safe and effective, "he says. In Brazil, the drug is provided by the Government as the high cost of medicines. In a private network, a person can get it to the Department of Health on the basis of examinations and medical records that show its necessity.

Treatment stops when the children come to the normal age to start developing during puberty, which is ten years for girls and 11 boys. Another option, which is used by bone age assessment, or & # 39 is the growth of the bone in accordance with the chronological age.

Food accelerates puberty?

A few years later, it is common to hear that, for example, soy accelerates hormonização, anticipating puberty. The study, published in the Brazilian Archives of Endocrinology and metabolism associated excessive intake of phytoestrogens (found in soy) for early breast development in four-year-old girl in.

Ana Claudia says food contaminated with hormones are not frequent causes of early puberty, and that there is no concrete evidence that soy can cause puberty. She adds, however, is another factor: the contact of children with hormonal products such as testosterone gel, are prescribed for the parents and a transdermal (skin), it can be transmitted to them by negligence. The relationship was also shown in a study.

Other studies have also shown that the components of personal care products have been linked to early puberty, particularly in girls. Felipe Lora explains that these chemicals with a & # 39 is the only candidate in adolescence expectations, it is not cause and effect relationship. "Thorn avoid excesses. Not that he could not soy juice, but not all the time. With hygienic products, good turns will not be constantly exposed to [ao mesmo componente]"He adds.

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