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Federal Lottery awarded the bid to R $ 500,000 in Sao Paulo on Saturday (30)


Federal Lottery 5375: production results Federal lottery Saturday (30/03) awarded more rate. 16255 ticket He was awarded the R $ 500,000, The winning ticket was distributed in the city of São José do Rio Preto. draw Competition 5375 19h was conducted on the truck Varnishes in Pancas (ES). Saturday was the last day of the truck in the city.

Mining Competition 5375 National Lottery on Saturday (30/03)

first16255R $ 500,000.00
second36813R $ 27,000.00
third45724R $ 24,000.00
fourth65903R $ 19,000.00
fifth69453R $ 18,171.00
The result of the Federal Lottery / Source premiership & # 39; er Daily
Result National Lottery Competition 5375 / Prime Daily Source

Lotteries in the extraction is performed on Wednesdays and Saturdays, from $ 500 thousand of one series.

Every month you can also apply for R $ 1.35 billion in federal rates jackpot millionaire. In December, it is the occasion of Christmas, with a prize of R $ 1,350 million in the series. Tickets can be purchased in whole or in part – each ticket has 10 factions and reward is proportional to what you get.

The National Lottery

To participate in the next draw of the Federal Lottery extraction is necessary to have at least 18 years. Tickets can be purchased at any of the National Lottery.

Each ticket costs $ 3 o'clock fractions, each ticket has 10 fractions. It is possible that a player receives only part of the ticket or an integer. Recalling that the awards take place on the number of fractions obtained bettor.

Meet the national lottery

National Lottery with & # 39 is one of the lottery box, which is created and managed by the Savings Bank. He became one of the most well-known to be different from other lotteries.

Since the difference is striking that their rewards are not cumulative. They always R $ 500 thousand in the Wednesday and Saturday draws.

The result of the Federal Lottery / Daily Prime
Result national lottery contest 5375 / Prime Journal

In order to receive a prize lottery Federal winner will have to go home in the lottery or agency of the Federal Savings Bank. But these two alternatives is only for people who have won an amount equal to or less than R $ 1904,00.

Otherwise, you can only withdraw money from Caixa Economica Federal offices. And higher premiums R $ 10,000 reais, you can make two working days after the winner presentation in CEF.

Income from lotteries event is Saturday, March 30

In addition to the extraction of the national lottery, check the result of successful day competition 131. There was also a Mega-Sena lottery, Quinn, Timemania and Double Seine.

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