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For the army, 1964 coup to be better understood – 2019/03/31 – Strength


Required since February, none of the 50 major armed forces personnel that make up the first and second levels of government Zheyr Bolsonaro (PSL) was not interested in personally discuss or written reasons and characteristics of a military coup in March 1964, which is completed at the moment 55.

Bolsonaro reassuring that the date was celebrated in the military units of the country.

The Ministry of Defense has prepared the first time in 20 years, the order of a single day, which was read in the barracks on Thursday (28) and Friday (29). On this day, the Brazilian judge granted an injunction at the request of the Public Defender of the Union banning commemoration of the date the government on Sunday (31), but this decision was overturned on Saturday (30).

After the negative effects on the & # 39; waking Prize on Thursday said Bolsonaro not celebrate its intention and "look back, analyze what happened, that's right."

The command of the army, also sought letterIt manifested itself only in a footnote three paragraphs. Turning to the coup as "March 31 Movement", he said, it must be "designed in the global context of the Cold War, where two antagonistic unit clashed and which was attended by all the Brazilian people with the active participation of the Armed Forces."

"As such, it should be studied and better understood by taking into account the historical context in which he & # 39; is," the statement said.

Navy and Air Force teams had a similar content notes. "Navy Commander available to address issues related to the preparation and use of force. political demands should be sent directly to the Ministry of Defense, "said the Navy. "The political nature of the questions should be directed to the Ministry of Defense," said FAB.

letter He was looking for the military in the period from mid-February to early March, with a deadline of 20 days. Interestingly, when the military considers a mistake or hit military involvement in the events of March 31, 1964 and found that the commanders of the three forces to act fairly in the same year. Also ask that the military found out about it, military schools, throughout his car & # 39; EASURES.

Report aims to discuss this issue with the help of personal interviews & # 39; nd or in writing, but none of the soldiers did not agree to talk about the participation of the military in 1964 coup, including the Vice-President of Hamilton Mourão and Minister of GSI (Institutional Office Security ) on August Heleno, two leading members of the government Bolsonaro.

Mourao claimed lack of time. "We appreciate the attention and to inform you that due to the lack of graphics was not possible to respond to the request," said the bill board.

50 military sought letter26 offered some kind of answer, and the rest did not answer. This was a case-General of the Presidential Secretariat (SGP), which with the & # 39 are the two colonels and three generals, including Maynard Santa Rosa, which has a special Secretariat for Strategic Affairs.

In 2010, in an interview with & # 39; w letterSanta Rosa described the 1964 coup as "alarm mode, the evil, rid the country of a greater evil."

He said that the military government "authoritarian, but not totalitarian," torture "has never been legalized, with & # 39 is a byproduct of the conflict" and "started with a so-called subversive. Many justiçados and torture in itself, because they want to change their minds. "

Minister of the Comptroller General and transparency, Rosario Wagner, who finished the army captain, said that manifests itself only in relation to the guidelines, which are under the jurisdiction of the body.

Another general, Osvaldo Ferreira, the current president Ebserh (Empresa Brasileira Hospital Services), he said, "have nothing to say about these issues."

Five soldiers who hold positions in the Federal Savings Bank and post office have responded in the same way, through the press office two state: "The manager chose to interview & # 39; S."

Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications, seven Air Force, including the Minister Marcos Pontes, claimed that they are legally prevent the manifestation of March 1964.

They responded in the same way across the board:. "In accordance with the Law 6880/1980, which details the status of the military, they can not individually comment on the political and military when they were ordered or commanders Thus, we can not answer most of your questions."

August Heleno, searched 25 February, said on Friday (29), through its board, it will not be shown and the agenda prepared by the Ministry of Defense "with the & # 39 is a reference to the subject."

In March 2014, when he was in the reserve, the general called the coup "counterrevolution" and analyzing all the military dictatorship (1964-1985), says that "went wrong a lot of points, we hit on many points."

In 2011, the ceremony was held for the order, he brought his father and said: «lutastes in 1964 against the communization of the country, and taught me how to identify and reject those who use democratic freedoms, to try to impose a totalitarian regime, any shade."

Besides Heleno, commanders of naval and air forces, mentioned the defense. The agenda was drawn up and signed by the Minister, Fernando Azevedo and commanders of the three forces.

She says that "the military part of the history of our people, always coincides with their legitimate hopes. March 31, 1964 was a symbolic episode of this identification. "It also states that events have been included" in the Cold War environment that reflects the light and in the country. "

"The armed forces, given the hype of the overwhelming majority of the population and the Brazilian press, assumed the role of stabilization of this process," the text read in the barracks.

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