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Funds from the & # 39 are more expensive today. Learn how to lighten your pocket – News


The Consultant ecommerce Patricia Maciel bought two continuous use of drugs during the month of March to avoid the sector adjustments, which acts partiri Sunday (31). In general, Patricia gained nine boxes – how to solve three to six contraceptives to treat acne.

Patricia was designed to avoid the annual adjustment of drug prices, which reached 4.33% and was higher than the inflation rate in 2018 – as a whole, prices rose by 3.75% in the past year, Increase was approved by the Cav (Market Drug Regulation Chamber).

This means that the drug is being sold for $ R 50 R $ 52,16 can cost throughout the year. Required in the report, the Ministry of Health said the adjustment will be on the & # 39; manifest until 31 March.

Sindusfarma Sindusfarma (Pharmaceutical Industry Union) said that accumulated from 2001 to 2018, the overall inflation rate was 203.01% and 169.38% more takes.

Allied guarantee, however, that the prices do not increase automatically by pharmacies and drugstores.

According to executive director Sindusfarma, Nelson Mussolini, the tax burden on remedies with the & # 39 is what most affects the Brazilian pocket. "The Fall of the drug will result in some tax & # 39; I and governments spend much less on health care, with beneficial effects for the whole of Brazilian society in productivity, well-being and wealth creation," he says.

FGV economist (Getulio Vargas Foundation) Andre Braz says that seven & # 39; and outdated with & # 39 are the most impactas by increasing the cost of drugs, since they & # 39 are the people who often need specific preparation of continuous use .

Today, the adjustment of pensions determined according to the IPCA (CPI Broad Consumer) index, which measures the official inflation rate in the country. Thus, the increase above inflation gauge drugs indicates that there will be an increase in the cost of living of Brazilians.

"If pensions are guided by the IPCA, will be a real increase. This shows that the seven & # 39; and the need to reduce some of the superficial things, to buy drugs, "said Brazil.

House with young people do not feel the influence of regulation, as this audience, tend to consume less medication.

For Mussolini, there is no way to determine that a social group with a & # 39 is the most affected by the changeover preparations. According to him, the growth does not reach the communities, so soon and comments about discounts that pharmacies often offer the customer, either by registering on the site, or health plans.

"Another important question that can be raised is that older people with a & # 39 are the ones who use drugs, and may eventually suffer a greater impact, but we do not believe it," he says.

How to find the best price

Mussolini directs consumers find prices as there are drugs with the same active ingredient and the same therapeutic class from different manufacturers and in different outlets.

"Depending on the replenishment strategy and commercial establishments, the price increase may take several months or even happen," said Mussolini.

Braz said that competition makes products you can find several prices. "[Há concorrência] between brands and outlets. There are large groups that buy large batches of products, allowing prices to be passed on to consumers, "says Bras.

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