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Gabigol says the team told his agent before settling with Fla


The issue today (30) "Here is a Benja» was a special guest striker Gabigol. During an interview with & # 39; nd Benjamin back, the player said backstage on his arrival at Flamengo, and revealed the existence of conversations between him and the Corinthians plaster.

"I was in Jurere hotel, leisure, and there was talk about my business with Corinthians -. And other clubs have also had a conversation, yes, even because of my friendship with Andres [Sanchez, presidente alvinegro]But do not go forward. Flamengo did not choose for the cash account, I like to feel happy and important in the team, "he said.

Forward said that the crowd was a key factor in the selection of red and black team. Gabigol said, to see the stadium full almost always & # 39 is a motivation for him.

"I always wanted to play for Flamengo. I would always have a motivation to play the game. Do not just think about the title, but in every game. But in Flamengo I have. In each game, the crowd motivates me, I think it is quite difficult, "added the player.

Not content, in order to choose Rio, Gabigol says he also tried to persuade other players to sign a contract with Flamengo. "Every time I saw the news that the player can go to Flamengo, I called and filled a bag to go to the guy. I'm done with Rodrigo Caio, I knew that the choice. Then he called me to find out, to confirm. I did Bruno Henry, who was a friend of the Saints, "he said.

These two names were eventually hired by Flamengo, but the attack strategy is not always correct. "The player that I would like to play together is Luan, rattles even had a story, he went to Flamengo We were on vacation together, and I said …" Let's go to Flamengo, go to Flamengo "But not happening," he said .

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