Gabriel Pensador and Giulia Britto's marriage will soon be over


Gabriel Pensador and Giulia Britto's marriage ends - Reproduce / Instagram

After six years of marriage, the relationship between Gabriel O Pensador and Giulia Britto ended. Both will end their lives two months ago and no longer live under one roof.

That information was confirmed by the model, for Extra vehicles, on Tuesday (13), in official records, he said: "We finished well, some time ago, and we still love each other. On the same day, many trips … But It is okay. "

The singer and 25-year-old met in 2012, three years after the singer finished her marriage to actress Anna Lima, the mother of two sons, David and Tom.

Rapper is not necessarily talking about the event, either officially, or through their social networks. As far as is known, they will delete the photos where they appear together, but they continue to respect each other.

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