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Game of Thrones: Battle of Winterfell as it was filmed?


Note: the third episode eighths spoilers season Game of Thrones. Do not say we did not warn you.

Anyone who watched the episode this week Game of Thrones, under the name «The Long Night» ( «The Long Night"), may give one of the greatest scenes in the history of television. Well, who could see something, of course:

Play (and criticism) in the direction of the episode, the longest in a series of 82-minute, was the most ambitious production Game of Thrones: consists almost entirely of scenes of action and special effects, it took eleven weeks to make.

On Monday (29), a series of official channel on YouTube has released a special documentary on the making of the episode. For more than forty minutes, it shows special effects tricks, makeup and all the trouble shooting.

Next, select the basic information about the production of the episode:

recording procedure

The shooting took place in Belfast, capital of Northern Ireland, who served as the first season as a parameter to Winterfell, home to his family & # 39; & Stark. As the battle takes place at night, the work began at six in the afternoon and stretched, sometimes even at five in the morning the next day.

This day was repeated for eleven weeks. Overall, 55 nights at a record cold: Actress Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys Targaryen, showed that reached -14 ° C do there.

"No one imagined the work would be," said HBO Sapochnik, the director of the episode. "I think me and those who were there will never want to go do something," he adds.

For «The Long Night», Miguel directed two episodes of other series of Battle "Battle bastards" and "Harsh House." In addition, it can also result in the fifth chapter of the last season – a sign that there is still one big fight ahead.

All of these efforts, at least someone is rewarded at the end, very Belfast. It is assumed that, in general, game of thrones It has generated more than 6,000 direct and indirect jobs in the city. Tourism is also exponentially increased: with the arrival of last season, the demand for flights to there increased by 215%. Only in 2018, fans of the series were injected 30 million pounds (US $ 153 million) in the Northern Ireland economy.

building site

This episode was written by series creators David Benioff and d.b. Weiss, who at the time of drawing up the development of the script, I decided to divide it into three acts. Each of them will make for a certain genre: suspense, terror and action.

The first act to & # 39; is the beginning of the battle, when the characters are waiting for the arrival of the army of the dead, not knowing what will happen. In this part, for example, that Melisandre (Van Houten) back and puts the fire in the hands of the Dothraki. "We wanted to make all the characters have hope that things will work out," said Benioff. Yes, as long as it was not – but only in the second half stoppage time.

The second act has horror elements and a prime example of a scene Ar & # 39; yang (Maisie Williams) in the castle library, where she has run nine creatures. The last act, action-oriented, when the king of the night Starts all killed in battle, creating new zombies.

fire everywhere

Speaking of Melisandre, the Red Woman, with a little help from the Lord of Light plays an important role in the fight against light trenches around the castle, which for a short time helped delay the army of the dead.

(HBO / playback)

In order to create the (dangerous) stage, special effects team built this trench, with about 275 meters in length. This was done with more than 900 steel piles, soaked in bitumen, it is very flammable liquid mixture – no timber will not withstand many days recording burned.

In order to ignite all of this, the production turned to the true Lord of Light: 4 tons tank of gas, and a mobile device, a ton of holding. The gas passes through the tube to the stage.

(HBO / playback)


The army of the king of zombies Night was quite different: there were from people who had just died in the battle, the dead bodies of hundreds of years, as they broke the basement walls.

To account for this diversity, makeup and production design team was looking for a number of insights, such as photos of people and mummified found in tombs. Further, the outer appearance of zombies often with the addition of fragments chroma key (The well-known "green screen") in the body.

After filming, post-production staff ready to deal in these friendly creatures:

Off Undead, another problem of production has been associated with the battle scenes – or rather, a pile of bodies. In the battle Bastards, the movement of heavy dolls from one side to the other was one of the biggest challenges.

This time the team responsible for props (In good Portuguese, props) tried to get around this problem with light puppets and located in a pre-assembled manner they formed small piles of bodies, which facilitates the work of staff:

(HBO / playback)

(HBO / playback)

(Almost) triumph John Snow

You know, at the moment when Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) is faced with the dragon zombie, formerly known as Viserion? The whole scenario was burned wssd & # 39; tackle. Nha dragon, of course, but the set design team, who spent a whole day burning record set so that the place looked even devastated by fire.

(HBO / playback)

(HBO / playback)

Given the exhaustive routine recording, it must be, at least, the work fun. But this time, John was also one of the most difficult to write in a fight.

When he returns to the castle to face with dozens of zombies demand Night King, making the undead that fall from the ceiling to try to kill him were involved 15 doubles. The scene must have been tested several times, since all would have to be highly synchronized.

(HBO / playback)

Giant X Lyanna Mormont

Death Lyanna Mormont (Bella Ramsey) was one of the highlights of the episode. Victim character to defeat the Giant was filmed in two stages: in Belfast, with the actress on the set and in the studio, as the giant was not made 100% in computer graphics.

production game of thrones all being recorded scene with the actor in the flesh and, with the help of a technology called INCAM, they managed to take the set, all previously recorded giant movement will be used, which helped to determine the movement of the camera.

Bell has also recorded some taken Chroma key, especially in the part where it rises and sticks eyes of the enemy. In the end, it was only to combine these three elements in one scene. "Piece of cake."

(HBO / playback)

Ar & # 39; yang Starck X King of the Night

The fate of Ar & # 39; Ian Stark was already written. And no, we're not talking about any prophecy. "I think it's been three years since she decided to kill the king of the night," said David Benioff, one of the creators of the series.

"I got a call from[[[[director]Sapochnik a year before filming began to talk about my training, "he said Maisie Williams is an actress who gives life to the character. The final scene was also filmed in two parts: one set and the other in the studio to pay more attention to the moment when the heroine jumping to kill the villain.

(HBO / playback)

With more than three episodes to go, game of thrones You will have the difficult task of tying all the loose ends at the end of the series, as well as explain how Ar & # 39; yang will comply with the prophecy that is destined to win the King of the Night. Or, of course, leave it at that. T

Liked it or not permission to fight, you can not deny that this scene was great.

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