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Globe and Palmeiras is a game that has not ended – 04/30/2019


He received another national championship, Globo signal in the open, with 19 private clubs with her, but one of Palmeiras.

Obviously, in the middle of everything, and the main issue at stake, the decision on the suit of the club, that judges are entitled, as long gloves paid to compete with São Paulo and the non-use of the gearbox in the payment of wages, per- watch because you closed the pay-TV rights to the Turner Group.

What is known is that on Friday refused Globo last counter Palmeiras, who once came to surprise their leaders.

There was even a proposal to the club, a new meeting on Saturday it did not happen.

Championship started himself Sunday, with TV Globe Group of Palmeiras no reports in the programs, but this coverage will remain at the club usually does in its programs.

A …

As in everything, but especially in this matter, in the case of Globe-Palmeiras has two sides.

Do not count on the importance of the club Palmeiras, today a strong competitor in all respects, to the Globe should not be anything interesting. In 2018, he was third in the purchase of pay-per-view services.

Two …

Lack of exposure of your brand in the car Globo importance will inevitably be biased, that the very direction of the palms has no conditions for scale.

Less than its main sponsors.


In spite of all, if you give an assessment of the work done by TNT broadcast Palmeiras and Fortaleza, in the early evening on Sunday.

This was done in all production prior to departure in order to connect a fan of public attention.


Douglas Tavolaro, one CNN Room Brazil, runs all this week in England for a meeting with the staff of CNN London.

He traveled accompanied by the entire sales team here.

TV Globo
Dan Stulby as mayor Eurico, who will work on the Cerro Azul Photo: TV Globo


Aguinaldo Silva wrote yesterday, on Monday, the penultimate chapter of "The Seventh Guardian». And if nothing changes, has the result to the standard when it comes to corrupt politics, mayor Eurico played by Dan Stulbov.

The owner of a large fortune, as a result of many years of public funds deviations will flee from Cerro Azul and give up something & # 39; and.

never seen

See what crazy: have spent a bit of time, but he knew that the Bandeirantes competed with ourselves in the final Paulista championship?

Located in the same game, Jose Silverio radio transmission and Ulisses Costa on Youtube. Of course, the most absurd way want to please them.


With these and other, so that, by the way, Johnny Saad invites most of the staff of radio and TV Bandeirantes pizza in his house.

Social reiterated on Sunday, from 8pm.

market heats up

Rio2C went ahead and had a very positive balance for Brazilian manufacturers, such as Casablanca, digital Vis, Mixer and others.

Several partnerships, including international ones, and the feeling was discussed that the market is still quite warm, despite all the mess bills, which are not b & # 39; by involving Ancine and the Federal Court of Audit.

biblical next

Board Casablanca Record and will sit this week to discuss the planning of "Genesis", following the biblical story.

As a first step, script delivery, today signed Emilio Boechat.

Victor Pollak / TV Globo
Nataly Mega and Fabio started "family size" Photo: Victor Pollak / TV Globo

"Size" Globe

"Family size" Globes on Sunday, will meet Fabio Porchat and Luis Lobianko.

The program promises many taken fun & # 39; union of two partners in a number of works on the "Fund port", together with its seven & # 39; families.

Beth – rebate

* Please note that to the attention of the Church Fullness has been reduced by its network in Brazil? …
* … It was only from 7 am to 9 am? …
* … well, old news. It all comes back to what it was before, occupying the entire night. In any case.
* Not for nothing, but it causes some awkwardness sports program Rede TV! "Ball in the Net", which aired on Monday morning, 2 …
* … Time is all absurd, but the worst is that nothing seems to be appropriate in respect of all other programs that have already been allocated.
* Charlie Maia has been transformed in the recent goal of many Var & # 39; ete …
* … your interests are always positively stir the audience.
* If you look good, with GNT & # 39 is a channel that passes through all the good food …
* … Just check the number of scattered cooking show on the grill submitted Rodrigo Hilbert, Bronze The Felipe, Olivier Anchier, Rita Wolf …
* … Claude Troisgros, Baptiste, Carolina Ferraz and others with. One after the other …
* … a channel having a meal in their priority.

* Collaborated Jose Carlos Neri

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