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Google removed the anti-gay app inconsistency of its Play Store


caused Life Hope Ministry and it is available for Android mobile devices. However, the application was removed from the Play Store, Google to protests from a wide range of social groups. For thousands of Internet users, US Senator and protection of LGBT rights

Google's decision comes a month after as Apple, and Amazon removed the application from its platforms.

Play Store app Sundar pingchang county Google Android Google

Removing this app for Android Play Store, comes days after Google was suspended Corporate Equality Index. Explanation of the reader, this index catalogs of different companies depending on the observance of LGBT rights in order to ensure equality in the workplace.

Will (only) Google, in order to protect their image?

As we move Vardar, Removal of the Google Play Store, though late, commendable decision on technology. However, because some suspicions to the initial failure of the company to withdraw the application on your platform. Now, as a result of social pressure, the company has taken action.

Not before as Apple, Amazon and spent removing respective app stores. However, the application is still in the Google Play Store, and is widely available for Android devices, before the end of this week. Nevertheless, the protests gradually increasing tonnes.

Play Store app Sundar pingchang county Google Android Google

We have already seen, in a public statement to overcome the 142,000 signatures during the last month, a reflection of the growing problem. In order to eradicate this application "anti-gay", we have seen the whole lobby (lobby group) to install. Now, Google, finally gave in to social pressure.

The app has now been removed from Google Play Store

According to the statements of the aforementioned Google source:

After consulting various social groups, reviewed our policies and ensure that we understand the basic program and its relation to the conversion therapy, we decided to remove it from the Google Play Store. Thus, satisfying the other app stores.

But then in the application it was still available for Android devices? According to various media reports, it is an additive which promotes the so-called "Pray the gay away "The slogan used to promote discussion groups and anti-gay conversion. Thus, the therapy to change a homosexual.

Pseudoscience, who favor the return of homosexuality

It is very core of the application, because the remote. The belief that sexual orientation can be changed, formed and fully revised. However, it has been thoroughly refuted by a number of studies, they are very scientific. In addition, it has been banned in 15 of the 50 US states.

Thus, your host in the Play Google store caused an understandable wave of anger and anxiety. App was produced by a group of Life Hope MinistryA group of Christian character, which, for nearly 30 years, defended the alignment treatment of sexual orientation.

Overriding the "compass" of moral, through prayer, to approach the person of Jesus Christ through prayer. By the way, we can read an open letter from a group member to Tim Cook when removing the same from the App Store in December.

Finally, we still have to deal not connected, the Saudi issue is still present in the Google Play Store.

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