Friday , July 30 2021

Judge orders DF to remove Rocha Loures electronic antistate

Judge Jaime Travassos Sarinho, from the 15th Federal Court of Brazil, has ordered the removal of an electronic anklet from former representative Rodrigo Rocha Loures (MDB-PR), known as the "suitcase man" of President Michel Temer.

Rocha Loures has been under house arrest for one year and four months, is prohibited from leaving the country and is prohibited from contacting anyone investigated, accused or witnesses related to J & F demographic investigations.

In its decision, federal judges indicated that Rocha Loures had been questioned and collaborated with investigations. "Conclusions from the production of oral tests, the behavior of defendants during the verification procedure (the phase of evidence collection), the absence of reports of possible non-compliance, the time limits on rights indicate the need to readjust the precautionary measures," the judge said.

In addition to removing the electronic anklet, the judge also authorized Rocha Loures to travel between the Federal District, Paraná and São Paulo State, regardless of judicial authorization.

Even if he leaves Brasilia, the former deputy will have to be at home (from 8pm to 6am) at the address in Paraná and Sao Paulo before being told to the Court.

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