Justice Prohibits the Globe to Reveal the Case of Marielle's Case


The Globo Television Network was banned by the Department of Justice from leaking information from investigations investigating the murder of female board member Marielle Franco (PSOL) and driver Anderson Gomes, which occurred on March 14. The decision was made by Judge Gustavo Gomes Kalil, from the 4th Criminal Court of Rio de Janeiro, at the request of the Division of Murder of the Capital (RJ) and the State Public Prosecutor. In a statement released on Globo TV and GlobonewsThe company said it was considered "excessive" determination and warned that it would appeal.

According to the website G1, from Rede Globo, the judge considered in his sentence that "the leakage of file contents is very detrimental, because it exposes witnesses' personal data, as well as good progress prejudice from investigations, prevents and delays the explanation of the heinous crimes that are being analyzed".

Elderly visited Marielle Franco's grave on the day of the deceased, in Rio de Janeiro

Elderly visited Marielle Franco's grave on the day of the deceased, in Rio de Janeiro

Photo: Jorge Hely / Framephoto / Estadão Contents

With that decision, it was forbidden to disclose statements made by witnesses to civilian police from the Murder Office, even without deponent identification. It also prohibits disclosure of confidential techniques and procedures used in research and any content taken from research, which includes images, audio and messages.

The Position of Justice came three days after the publisher uniquely leaked confidential information taken from Civil Police documents. Among other investigation points, it was reported that three people were in the car from which the shot that killed Marielle and Anderson occurred eight months ago. Until then, it was well known that there were only two people in the vehicle: the driver and the shooter.

"TV Globo, of course, will obey the court's decision, but because it considers it excessive, it will appeal the decision because it seriously undermines the freedom of the press and the public's right to inform itself, especially when considering that the crimes investigated in the investigation are of interest the public is high in Brazil and abroad, "said the station in a note read by reporters.

In the text, Globo also stated that, in reporting confidential information, they intended to ensure "the constitutional right of the public to inform themselves of all deficiencies in the investigation which failed in eight months to elaborate on the barbarian murder of Alielle Marielle and her driver Anderson. "

O Country he sought Civil Police, through his press office, to find out what motivated the request to court, but he did not get an answer.

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