Thursday , November 21 2019
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Marchesini collects R $ 140,000 for children in Angola


There are six days in Africa, Markezinte beginning to reap the fruits of his mission there. The actress has opened a virtual kitten to help a village in Angola, which cares for needy children and raised R $ 140,000 The goal is to raise a total of R $ 256,000.

Photo: Play | Instagram

The Kitty on the & # 39; waking, whose link actress category in Instagram, explaining the project: .. ¬ęThe Village Nissi was born in 2008, to make a difference in the lives of children Kuito (Angola) today serves 1206 children and 245 widows numbers grew and the need to expand the structure immediately. needs in the industrial kitchen and a new generator is our priority. You can donate as you want. "
[[saiba_mais]Digital Influencer Carlinhos Maia called for more initiatives Marquezine disclosure. "No one will disclose that Marchesini managed in 24 hours to raise more than US $ 100 000 for the children who are hungry? You are not doing at the carnival with the girl lives? Oh, I see, is more important than treating garbage empathy "

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