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PF scheme proves oranges


Belo Horizonte (AE) – Federal Head Marine Rezende Police responsible for investigating alleged scheme "Orange applications" with PSL, said that "concrete evidence" that the party candidates "are missing the truth" in the payment accounts are sent to the Electoral Court.

Federal police commissioners in detail the operation was yesterday, with searches at the headquarters of PSL

Federal police commissioners in detail the operation was yesterday, with searches at the headquarters of PSL

The scheme will operate the transfer of funds from the election fund exclusively for women to other disputes, including competitors men. On Monday (29), federal police raided the headquarters of the PSL in Minas Gerais.

"This is concrete evidence of the fact that we think it is widely proven. This benefits those accounts do not reflect the truth, which occurred in terms of resources, "said the delegate.

"These candidates, which we originally reported, the four, we saw that the resources, as I have said, inappropriate electoral potential of the same. So the evidence is very strong that they missed reporting the truth Electoral Court. "

Among the four candidates (two state and two federal representative), the first to report a violation of the scheme was Cleuzenir Barbosa was Cleuzenir Barbosa, Governador Valadares, the eastern region of Minos, who now lives in Portugal. Former candidate countries that do not agree with the scheme and with the & # 39; went abroad due to the fear of being in Brazil.

PF met on Monday morning (29) seven searches in Minas Gerais. Warrants 26 constituency Belo Horizonte were issued. Two in Belo Horizonte, Contagem in two, one in Coronel Fabrisianu one in Ipatinga and one in Lagoa Santa. It was also confiscated documents related to the production of graphic materials of election campaigns.

Last week, the company materials state representative candidate Zuleide Aparecida de Oliveira was handed over to the Federal Public Ministry and can be considered as the main evidence that the party did not record expenditure on elections 2018. Zuleide told the newspaper Folha de São Paulo I personally called by the current Minister of Tourism, Marcelo Alvaro Antonio to take part in the competition as an orange.

Graphics used in the alleged scheme of Orange applications in the elections PSL 2018 is not operated for more than two years, according to research by the Federal Police. The Company, in accordance with the PF was the owner Reginaldo Donizete Soares, brother Roberto Soares, one of the main advisers to the current Minister of Tourism, during the elections. Marcelo, Alvaro was chairman of the PSL in Minas prior to 2019 at the headquarters of the PSL in Minas was to find the target PF on Monday (29).

Minister not investigated in the first operation of the federal police, broke out yesterday morning as part of settlement over alleged schemes. According to Rezende sea delegate in charge of the study, this phase of the operation focuses on the declarations of the accounts of candidates. "Research on the leaders of the party will be taken later," says Rezende.

Graphic designed brother Roberto Soares was in Ipatinga, began in the valley. As the company is no longer working, the PF did not have search and seizure in the home Reginaldo Donizete Soares in Ipatinga. The PF studies have shown that the cost of one voice in women surveyed had more than that recorded between the candidates who won the elections.

"The average cost among those who won $ 10 for one vote, while candidate PSL was R $ 300," said Rezende delegate. "Hence the name" The election fanfare "," he explained PF states that it may be an indication that the funds have been used to "trick" the election fund for women in elections in 2018.

At least for the moment research is focused on the possibility of incorrect data crimes, which can give up to five years in prison. So far about 40 people have been heard. The delegate also noted that other parties may have used the same "modus operandi" for embezzlement. The report came in contact with the Ministry of Tourism and is waiting for the return.

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