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PIT 2019: Last day delivery on Tuesday. Learn how to avoid a penalty for delay


RIO – This Tuesday the last day on which the taxpayer submitted the form
Tax on profits
) 2019. The IRS received 25.2 million form until, 17h on Thursday, but the IRS expects that 30.5 million Brazilians to justice. Who is still not filled
and race against the clock, should look at his watch: between 1 am and 5 am in the morning, the system does not receive the income form.

Overtime, a taxpayer who has not sent the information to the tax authorities should be prepared for documentation. Experts advise in the form of taxes that is required to get to the main income statement (wages of labor, investments, etc.). Because of the tight schedule, it is possible that the taxpayer can not collect some receipts or documents. In this case, an indication of specialists to deliver the same statement that some information is pending.

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PIT 2019:
MEI should be declared as a person?

– It is very important to try to collect as many possible documents. If a person can not always, it is recommended to submit the declaration with data-driven and, as soon as possible, send a rectifier – suggests Paul Pegas, accounting professor at Ibmec / RJ. – Many taxpayers do not see with good eyes the grinding, but it is the right and can be used in this case, to avoid a fine for the supply in the form of debt.

In fact, those who do not do not send the form to the IRS until now, need to pay a minimum fine of $ 165.74 will be limited to 20% of the tax payable.

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The taxpayer does not put the debt to avoid a fine. However, if the information is not sent to the IRS at any time, the data for a person is much more than a fine.

As explained by the Post Leonidas, the tax auditor income tax authorities know when the taxpayer is necessary or not on the & # 39; to reveal the income tax, as the solvent sources report this data. If this message is not made by an individual, the CPF will be up to the settlement:

– With the expectation of an alloy of regularization, the bank blocks the bank account of the taxpayer – Leonidas said. – In addition, in other situations, which require the CPF, such as opening a bank account, to be the guarantor, etc. They are also limited.

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In order to avoid the payment of fines and not to leave the settlement of outstanding CPF, taxpayer shall submit the data in Profit. as quickly as possible. To help readers, GLOBE prepared
tutorial on how to complete the PIT in 2019

The reporter learns how to fill out a tax return of income.
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