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Police arrest suspect in the murder of Mega Sena winner | police officer


Police arrested on Monday (29) a person who is suspected in the murder of businessman Miguel Ferreira de Oliveira, winner of the award in the amount of $ 39 million for Mega-Sena, who was gunned down in the city of Campos Sales, inter & # 39; er Ceará, suspect was a fugitive from February 2018 and was captured while returning to the city where he was hiding in the house of his mother.

As reported on the news website Globo, businessman, known as "Millionaire Mega-Sen," I was in a bar in the city of Campos Sales, when a man approached him and fired several shots. The crime occurred on 4 February 2018. The victim was wounded by three shots as the civilian police.

Miguel Ferreira de Oliveira was the prize winner of the 39 million R $ in the Mega-Seine, in the draw, which took place in 2011.

As a delegate Bruno Fonseca, identified the suspect as Antonio Pedro dos Santos, known as the "piece", 29, appointed as the perpetrator. Realizing the presence of police in the house where he was hiding, he tried to escape, but was captured.

"In March 2018 I was introduced to this temporary prison and granted. Until then, we were not able to fulfill this commandment, because he was in Bacabal (Maranhão). We have received in connection with the civil police Marani, but we did not come back. And now we have to get the information that he's back, "said Fonseca.

Delegate Bruno Fonseca added that there is evidence that there is a mastermind of the murder. the investigation continues to try to find the suspects.

Temporary arrest warrant against Antonio Pedro dos Santos has an initial period of 30 days. He had no criminal record. According to the officer, investigating the case, it is a heinous crime.

"There were a couple of links that lead to the suspect as an author. He was a performer, what we call directly to the author, "he added.

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