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Sao Paulo ahead hit with "new Militão» on 2019

In São Paulo, he sent hiring Igor Vinicius, it's owned by Ituano, but played this season with the B Series Ponta Preta shirt. In the 21 years that have not yet signed, Morumbi comes to meet a great need in the industry, as traded Militão Eder.

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Igor Vinicius initially will be in São Paulo on loan until the end of 2019, with option to purchase at the end of communication. side this year defended Ponta Preta also on loan, after attracting the attention of Campinas club in the championship with Ituano shirt.

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The negotiations are conducted directly even Juninho Paulista, president of Ituano and had a significant passage through São Paulo, the club with which he has a good relationship.

Igor Vinicius Santos walked through the main category, but could not complete the command. Thus, eventually moved to Ituano. With shirt Ponta Preta took the field 33 times, series B, and the Brazil Cup.

After that, Bruno Peres Militão be replaced even before the holder of the right hind moving in Porto, Sao Paulo had to run after other options for the sector, as an athlete on loan from Roma did not please the crowd because of their deficiencies on defense. Igor Vinicius, however, with the & # 39 is a gamble, since it has only 21 and has not played in the elite of Brazilian football.


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