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Seeing the crush secret site shows stories anonymously Instagram – 03/31/2019


Some social networks & # 39 are effective informers who saw a message: WhatsApp has two blue tick, and Skype, Facebook Messenger to do the same. Already Instagram is always a list, who have seen their stories, but the site will make the joy of the spies and the timid who want to see the "crush" anonymously.

Stalker encourages job is simple: on its home page, there is a search field to fill in the username of any Instagram account. search result returns some suggestions. Click on what you want to spy.

Image: Reproduction

Once there, simply visit the Stories that a black band in the middle of the screen. At no time had to come in Instagram. We tested the Chrome browser for PCs, and it worked. The operation leaves no trace that someone had seen this story in this way.

Image: Reproduction

Image: Reproduction

This page also has a kind of photo and video feed Instagram accounts services, but with some additions: You can not only control the playback of video player (such as YouTube), but also the load carriers.

Just click on the photo or video and then "up" link. He opens another tab with the media, and then just click on it, right-click and then "Save As."

It is interesting that there is a "Download" next to the "Zoom" button, but in our tests it did not work.

Calls Stalker does not work to view the content of private accounts Instagram, including stories and photos of the food.

He should inform the parties: to use the tool wisely and in moderation, and not as a tactic to become a "Stalker". After all, to this very suras & # 39; ozna in prison.

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