Tuesday , August 3 2021

Sidnei Lobo V services in the shuttle Cruise and praise Fred inteligentssimo Player

Juarez Rodrigues / MS / G. Press

Sidnei Lobo praised atuao cruise in the rout of Vitria, 3-0, in Minas Gerais, the Brazilian. According help coach Mano Menezes, who & # 39 is a medical license, Fox could have won with a score of further expansion of such an advantage over Baiey club. He also praised striker Fred, scorer of two goals in the game.

"It was a game in which we are looking for victory from the start. The team suggested the game. We faced a team that came to defend well, to reduce the gaps and try to fit a counteroffensive on the individual movements. We managed to stay on their swords, and there are always three sides to make a triangulation and with the support of the passage of the athletes. Team it was brilliant from the start. Maybe even it reached a higher score. But the 3-0 score that satisfies us a lot. Athletes happy. You exchanged a few athletes even happier. Those who come up with and are so important to our institution. So it was with a lot of advantages of this victory. we are now enjoying, "said the coach.

Sydney also developed a match against Flamengo, the last cruise to the miner in this season. The game is played on Sunday, 17h s, the miner, the 37th round of the Brazilian. Most likely, there is a festive meeting 15 years Triple Crown.

"From tomorrow (Thursday), we begin to design the match against Flamengo. Championship ended, not ?! Then come all the Flamengo. But, of course, in our house, we impose our rhythm. Of course, I'll come back a few athletes. Returns Arrascaeta, DED, we give reinterpreted tomorrow and place, to be sure, the team is strong as it is today (Wednesday), "he said.

greetings Fred

Auxiliary Menezes praised the start of striker Fred, who scored two goals in the heavenly victory over Victory (3 0). Sydney said striker inteligentssimo one player, and explained that it is necessary to place it in at least one more game as a starter.

"Fred does not need comments. She was always the player area, inteligentssimo player who knows how to make some defense, help each finds as little as well and we will be glad to have him back. Or & # 39 is back and, of course, help to Cruz. From tomorrow we will think. How we think, in 2019, it may be that Fred is a & # 39 will appear again as a starter. We will analyze tomorrow. good to go through the assessment of our department of physiology and our medical department to see if everything is ready. But we have great players, great athletes, and no matter who runs, strong team. We are very pleased atuao Fred, and, of course, we will think ahead to place it again, "he said.