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Syria for the disclosure of personal messages from Jeff Bezos


Syria must be the disclosure of private communications Jeff Bezos. This conclusion Gavin Becker, a security expert who was hired by the CEO of Amazon, to investigate the alleged revelations about his extramarital affair by tabloid «National Enquirer».

"Our researchers and some experts have concluded with a high degree of confidence that the Saudis were able to get access to the mobile Jeff Bezos, with access to private information after CEO pirated mobile phone Amazon,» Annouced he is responsible.

According to Becker, of Gavin, "some Americans will be surprised" by this discovery, realizing that the Saudi government had the firm intention, from October "threaten Jeff Bezos."

"It is clear that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said," Washington Post, "his chief enemy," he added the expert, linking the murder case of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Faced with reporters, the Saudi embassy in Washington declined to comment on the statements in this security expert. But in February the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia has assured that the country has never had any involvement in the scandal, was published in «National Enquirer.

In January, Jeff Bezos accused «National Enquirer» extortion to the American edition of matter to discover the richest man in the world with host Lauren Sanchez. It was the publication of intimate photos, soon after Amazon CEO announced a 25-year marriage is close to his wife, MacKenzie Bezos.

Jeff Bezos, an estimated $ 137 billion, and the state, according to analysts, the former wife of the executive president of Amazon can become the richest woman in the world, after the division of property.

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