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The Altas Horas, Vera Fischer rebels with the director of Globe stated that she will never be an actress, and sends a message – TV Focus


Vera Fischer was Altas Horas (Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo)

on Altas Horas this Saturday (30), Vera Fischer was one of the special guests on stage Serginho Groisman. In chatting about the car & # 39; career, she made a bombshell revelation that it was the beginning of the profession. Known for having done many roles underscores the globe, she opened and told us that in the test pieces, it was rejected by the production and still hear the famous director, who would you call her an actress.

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"I was about 19 to 20 years. I was there all look good to do a test of the theater, was a company, Carlos Imperial in Copacabana. name of the director would not say I do not know whether he is alive or known, but I will not say, because [ele] He is known for. I came all shy. He said: "Imagine that you get a taxi I made the sign of & # 39; to take a taxi, he was close and said." You'll never be an actress, you can go."She said ALTAS Horas.

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She also said that in a few years the director ties & # 39; yadnavsya, and at that time was already a famous actress with prestige in the Globe. "I met this man, I looked at his face, already well-known actress. He looked at me, lowered his head and walked away like this, "she said. And again he sent the indirect light "See how life would be if I was the head of a troubled man, I would have killed me".

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Another program guest was actor Rodrigo Lombardi, who heard the story taught: «VOu have to tell him: "Remember that I bought a taxi?". Vera Fischer is remembered today for his role in the family ties of the novel, which she played the character of Elena. Recently, veteran Globe made an appearance in the mirror of the novel of life.

The veteran made an appearance in the life of the mirror (Reuters)

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The actress was BIRTHDAY Anitta

In the evening on Thursday, March 28 Anitta He took a big garland in a family house, who lives in a funky condo in Rio de Janeiro, to celebrate the arrival of his 26 years. The event, which lasted until dawn, then singer together with old friends, to a selected group of celebrities. Among them, he drew attention because of the numerous number of stars Globe.

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Angélica and Luciano Huck, Lyudmila, Andre Marques, Nego do Barrel, Washington, godfather, Vera Fisher, Gloria Maria, among others. Before the beginning of the party, the singer came to tell his guests that it was forbidden to use mobile phones. However, very Anitta even made several videos during the celebration and share all of their social networks.


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