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The company started going down at Porto Maravilha

The movement was still shy, but gradually the buildings built at Porto Maravilha began to accept offices and companies. In recent months, seven companies have announced changes to the Port Region, including Nissan, Bradesco Seguros, Startup, and Granado. There will be more than four thousand people circulating every day through the districts of Santo Cristo, Gamboa and Saúde, hoping to more than double the movement in the area until next year. According to Antonio Carlos Barbosa, president of the Rio de Janeiro City Development Company (Cdurp) – city manager in the operation of the region – the process is slow, but a little more consistent:

"Work will come slowly." The decision of an entrepreneur to come and live requires at least three years. Part of the criticism we received was about the scarcity of services and restaurants. But with future companies, the service industry will follow. The challenge now is to occupy the area for 24 hours with housing.

Among the companies down in the region, one of the highlights is Bradesco Seguros, who bought the Port Company – near the Novo Rio Bus Terminal – and will occupy 18 floors of the building with 3,000 employees. Brazilian Tishman Speyer moved to the Aqwa Corporate building in front of Samba City with 15 employees from Rio, Japan Nissan also brought 160 workers to the entire floor of the same building.

– We think it's best to implement a virtual office pilot project in Porto, in a new and developed building. For this, there is an adequate structure and implementation of new ways of working. This is the first place in Latin America where Nissan implemented it – said Marco Silva, president of Nissan Brazil.

Granado brings more than 200 employees to the region.

– We decided to move to a modern, comfortable and central building. In addition to quality and infrastructure, the price is attractive, and the location is easily accessible, especially by VLT (Light Rail Vehicle) and close to Via Binary – said Christopher Freeman, president of the company.

The vacancy rate at Porto Maravilha fell from 87.5% to 75.1% between the end of last year and June this year, but this is still the largest in the city, according to Newmark Grubb.

About 30 thousand people live in the area

City Minister Alexandre Baldy announced in August this year that the federal government intends to establish a partnership with Caixa Econômica Federal to build five thousand units of the popular housing program "Minha Casa, Minha Vida" Today, 29,800 people live in the area, which has capacity to receive 400,000 residents.

At the time of the pledge, which was not finished, Rio City Hall and Caixa signed an agreement to restart Porto Maravilha Public-Private Partnership (PPP), with a total of R $ 147 million, the Porto Maravilha Real Estate Investment Fund (FIIPM). This was created by the Time Service Guarantee Fund (FGTS) and managed by Caixa Econômica Federal.

The market loses property prices

To finance investments in the Port Region for 15 years, Additional Building Potential Certificates (Cepacs) were launched, but negotiating these titles – which came to record great appreciation with euphoria of revitalizing the region and organizing the 2016 Olympics – Packed immediately after launch. Each title is equal to the quantity of square meters intended for construction on the site. Companies that want to build a business must buy certain roles. Their value varies according to the desired area in Porto Maravilha. But the agreement did not occur.

According to Rubem Vasconcelos, vice president of the Association of Real Estate Market Managers (Ademi) and president of Patrimóvel real estate, there was an error in setting property prices at the beginning of the occupation of the region.

– Porto must start its work with real estate prices below the value charged to Botafogo and Flamengo, but the price is done in the wrong way, and only now supply and demand begin to adjust, attracting investors – assessed Vasconcelos, adding that the development of the region depends on creation school and hospital housing and installations.

For Bradesco Seguros, the project for the new headquarters is motivated by the potential of the area and the location close to the main access road to Rio – Avenida Brasil, Linha Vermelha and Ponte Rio-Niterói – ensures mobility.

Testimonial – Rilden Albuquerque, manager of Economic and Social Development in Cdurp

"This new request will attract businesses to the Porto Maravilha region, and we believe that new restaurants, fitness centers, shops and all types of services that will be consumed by workers will come. And this is an opportunity for extraordinary job creation for local residents in here that new opportunities will be reflected in the increase in people's circulation ".

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