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The population must 17h, to get vaccinated against the D-Day against the H1N1 flu in the Amazon | Manaus | | Amazon – Amazon


There are 200 health facilities available in the capital. Inside, the campaign held in 45 municipalities. Evaluation vaccinate 1,103,723 people. So far, 32 deaths have been confirmed

Viewers who should get vaccinated against influenza type H1N1 flu have to 17h on Saturday (30) vaccinated group «D-Day» in Manaus and 45 municipalities in the state. So far, 32 deaths from the disease have been confirmed. Valuation vaccinate 1,103,723 people and the goal is to vaccinate at least 90% of this audience.

The owners of the groups defined by the Ministry of Health are children from 6 months to 5 years, 11 months and 29 days; pregnant women; women (women up to 45 days after birth); health care workers; indigenous peoples; elderly people; prisoners; employees of the penitentiary system; teachers of public and private; people with chronic diseases; and people with specific diseases, such as chronic respiratory disease, chronic heart disease, chronic kidney disease, chronic liver diseases.

Official opening «D-Day» Manaus occurred in the morning in the Basic Health Unit (BHU) Arthur Virgilio Sleep, in lane 10, № 3015, near Amazonino Mendes, North zone, the presence of the mayor Manaus Arthur VIRGILIO no.

Inside the programming organization knew each of the 45 municipalities that conduct «D-Day». Only city Apuy, fight, move, Carauari, Guajará, Humaitá, Ipishun, Itapiranga, Labrea, Manipur, Maar, Novo aripuanã, Presidente Figueiredo, Tapauá Tefe and hold «D-Day» in different terms.

In Manaus, in addition to 200 health centers, they are also available for one-stop centers for childcare (CAICs) and the Center for Integrated Care for the best age (Caimis) André Araújo and Hell Viana, state.



Across the state with & # 39 is one thousand five hundred thirty-five vaccination number.

at the beginning of the campaign

Through Amazon, campaign against H1N1 flu began last March 20, in front of the rest of the country due to the confirmation of 32 deaths from the disease, and 908 reported cases of acute respiratory Reports syndrome (SARS), and 119 for the positive influenza A virus (H1N1) and 163 for respiratory syncytial virus (SRV).

Of the 32 cases of the H1N1 flu deaths, 25 occurred Manaus, Manacapuru in three and one in each municipality as follows: Parintins, Itacoatiara, Japura and Urukuritub.

Until last Thursday (28) City Health Department (Semsa) in Manaus has not already been vaccinated 319.463 people in the priority groups, which is equivalent to 70.20%. According to the mayor Arthur Neto, «D-Day» will help advance and within the established goals. "If it does not rain, we are close to 90%," he said. Optimistic, he said that "the goal of 90% should be reached next Tuesday."

The UBS waiting room of Arthur Virgilio Son, after passing through the screening, the nurse technician Gessiane Pereira da Silva, 24, had to be vaccinated and to take to vaccinate her daughter, Ana Gabriela 2 years. For the mother, the neighborhood is a resident of New Town, a "very important people, vaccination, vaccination has consciousness." "We who work in the field of health must be our vaccination cards ever day," he said.

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