Tuesday , June 22 2021

The rapporteur on STJ’s actions agrees with Renato’s son

During the STJ (Supreme Court) hearing on the legal battle between Giuliano Manfredini, son of Renato Rousseau, and Dado Villa-Lobas and Marcelo Bonfai, former members of the rapporteur for the case, Legião Urbana, Minister Maria Isabella Galotti, voted in favor of the appeal filed Manfredini.

The trial has been paralyzed, and the dispute between the parties may drag on for longer as Minister Antonio Carlos Ferreira asked to analyze the process.

Minister Isabella Galati voted to overturn the previous decision and defended the ownership of the trademark Manfredinisince it was registered in INPI (National Institute of Industrial Research) by Legião Urbana Produções Artística Ltda, owned by Renato Rousseau.

“There is no question of the right to hear defendants play with the name of Legio Urban, they can play with their name. It’s a matter of defending the brand. There is no right to play like Legio Urban, choosing cover for the role of Renato Rousseau,” Galotti defended.

According to the minister, despite the fact that Dado and Bonfa played an important role in creating the band’s legacy, the brand belongs to Manfredini’s company, and he decides how, when and where you can use the name Legiau Urban and even charge for it, if you count , necessary.

“Here we have a patrimonial right, that is, they can enjoy it as long as the owner agrees and there is an agreement on the price to use. And there is a moral right for the brand owner to say under what circumstances it can be presented, what the cover would be, you can have a cover, you don’t have a cover, ”the minister confirmed.

Dado and Bonf’s version

In an interview with “Live CNN Brasil” today, Dado Villa-Lobas said he was fighting for “artistic control over this legacy.”

“We create music and keep doing it, we do art. I hope the Supreme Court understands the difference between the two. It’s not that we want to use the brand, I don’t want to be the owner of the brand, I just want to take care about my artistic heritage, about my life that is in these songs, in these 12 albums and 12 years when we were together, ”Dado said.

“I don’t want to think that I don’t have artistic control over this heritage, which is my heritage, it’s a heritage [Marcelo] Bonfo and Leggio Urban’s large audience and music, “the musician continued.

Understand the case

The reason for the dispute is old. According to Dado and Bonfa, who are still in the process of structuring the group, the accountants advised everyone to open a company in his name – in which other members will be minority partners.

At some point the band had to regain the right to use the name Legião Urbana in INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property) and used a company that was named after Renato Rousseau, Legião Urbana Produções Artísticas Ltda.

Thus, despite the fact that the profits were distributed equally among the trio, the group was registered in the name of the singer, who died of AIDS complications in 1996.

As a result, another action related to this, Giuliana Manfredini seeks to gain access to contracts and earn a third of the profits from the tours that the duo performed with Leggio Urbana’s songs.

Dado and Bonfa, for their part, argue that they insisted on reinforcing the idea that they are not Legion Urbana since the group ended Renato’s death.

Together they toured for the release of the band’s albums and sang their songs. They: “Dado Villa-Lobas and Marcelo Bonfa play” Legion of Urban ” [o primeiro álbum da banda] 30 years “and” Dado Villa-Lobas and Marcelo Bonfa play “Dois” and “Que País É Esse” “.

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